Butler Training

The Reference Letters

Who else would be better to advise you than our graduates? They are proud to be part of the TIBA family. They are proud to be Butler Academy ambassadors. You will be also. Maybe we are overdoing it with the number of letters we place on our website. However, we believe these letters to be enormously important. Our graduates know The International Butler Academy to be the finest Butler and Hospitality school in the world.

Note that we do not simply place made-up quotes with made-up names. We list actual graduates with real letters. Click the Links below and read the letters, please. They speak for themselves.


Treyvonne Carter
March 2023
  Benjamin Umansky
November 2022
  Andrea Riboni
November 2022
  Cristina Garcia
November 2022
Joan Veage
November 2022
  Pavle ┼áimek
July 2022
  Paul Bertrand
July 2022
  Misaki Ni
November 2021
Bas van Vooren
November 2021
  Winston Steur
May 2021
  Ines Stichert
November 2020
  Alessandro Gennusa
July 2018
Dorian Fercot
July 2017
  Dong Xiao
July 2016
  Marianne Mura
July 2018
  Zi-Xiang Tsai
March 2018
John Hoey
July 2013
  Johanna Wild
March 2012
  Erik Wouters
November 2015
  Franz Josef Huber
November 2013
Gudrun Malik
July 2010
  Jane Tamburelli
March 2010
  Daniel Oliphant
November 2011
  Sachi Fujita
November 2010
Paulo Torres
July 2009
  Robert Arciniega
July 2009
  Noa Ulmer
July 2009
  Lynn Jackson
March 2009
Lili Hallet
November 2009
  Jupiter Suarez
November 2009
  Colin Wilson
July 2007
  Olaf Eman
March 2007
Michael Pendergast
March 2007
  Stephan Ringleb
November 2006
  Entire Class
March 2008
  Luc Deflandre
November 2008
Robin Greenfield
July 2005
  Karen Adrian
July 2004
  Colin Bryan
July 2004
  Stephen Herein
October 2004

A special letter

Please read the letter below from Joanne Barrow, an outstanding student who achieved distinction on her diploma.

August 11, 2014

"Dear faculty, my name is Joanne Barrow, and I am a graduate (March 2002) of the International Butler Academy. After many years since my time in The Netherlands, working primarily as a Nanny and Household Manager in the US, I found myself today reviewing my school materials from 12 years ago to find a specific protocol procedure I remembered studying at TIBA. So many times over the years, I have leaned on the experiences I gained at TIBA. The education and diploma I received set me apart from others in my field and gave me an edge that has opened doors beyond my wildest expectations.

The formal training I received as a butler, and other short courses in private service excellence have driven me to take my 23 years of hands-on experience to a new level. I left TIBA with great memories but, more importantly, with a deep and thorough understanding of service excellence, transferable within any area of the private service industry. In 2013, I was named The International Nanny Association's "Nanny of the Year."

Editor's Note;

Our graduates know The International Butler Academy to be the finest Butler and hospitality school in the world. Our graduates are proud to be part of the TIBA family. They prove that The International Butler Academy lives up to its reputation and the expectations of students and employers worldwide. Who else would be better to advise you than our graduates! We have hundreds of letters.

The References

Excerpts from other letters

Andrea Riboni from France. "If you are wondering, as I did once, whether to attend The International Butler Academy, I can put your mind at ease. It turned out to be the best decision in my life. I learned alongside ladies and gentlemen from 20 to 60 years old from many countries with a surprisingly wide range of professional and personal backgrounds. The training is intense and tough but also incredibly rewarding. From my heart, TIBA will bring you priceless life rewards."

Richmond Schmidt Sagala from the USA. "Attending the International Butler Academy was one of the wisest career decisions I have ever made. It provided me with training and experience equal to no other. Attending the Academy was not without financial and personal sacrifices, but the chance I took to enroll in the training program has more than paid off in wonderful opportunities."

Mark Dijkens from The Netherlands. "After graduating from The International Butler Academy, the school placed me in a top butler position with a marvelous family in England. I live on the estate with my wife and our two children. I could never have dreamt of ending up where I am today. Normally dreams do not come true. This one did. Thank you, TIBA."

Richard Sagala from Canada. "I wish every potential student who wishes to train in this fascinating field of butling to have the common sense to do his or her research. Ask questions, find out who the trainers are, who is in charge, and the background of the people behind the curtain. Find out, like me, that TIBA is simply a world-class act."

Damijan Ostojic from Slovenia. "Thank you for putting together such a team of professional trainers and, most of all, good people. The time spent at The International Butler Academy changed my life. I learned a new way of thinking and obtained a new attitude. I gained a new sense of professionalism. Thank you for everything."

Bruno Constant from France. "From the student accommodations to the grand mansion we worked in, and from stationery equipment to our butler uniform, The International Butler Academy exceeded my highest expectations. I am very honored to have been your student. You taught us humility, kindness, and, most importantly, passion and priceless knowledge."

Marc van Eekelen from The Netherlands. "The International Butler Academy not only offered me a superb training program, but the school also assisted me in planning my career. They placed me in the ultimate job with a wonderful family. I am proud to be part of the TIBA family. Thank you."

Sonja Landerer from Switzerland. "It was a dream for many years that I fulfilled with the training at TIBA. The training is intensive, but you learn everything you need to run a perfect household and what it means to be a professional Butler. TIBA  has helped me live and dream, and that's the way I want to go. I benefit daily from the tools we learned during the training and received on the way."

John Macbeth from the USA. "Courses and instructors are engrossing and candid. The curriculum is highly absorbing, and its instructors showcase professionalism with frank examinations of private service on every level, from the offbeat to the mainstream. They are committed to bringing out the best. The International Butler Academy placed me with one of its clients in the USA."

Eddy Craenen from Belgium. "I would like to express my gratitude towards you for guiding me into the fine world of Butling. Your training proved rewarding in so many aspects and will certainly continue to influence my life in the future. It was a privilege to receive training and guidance from such great professionals."

Heidi Smale from The Netherlands. "Coming from a hotel management school, switching to The International Butler Academy was more natural than I thought. Excellence is not easily achieved, but with the fine TIBA trainers, the learning experience was most enjoyable. Thanks to you, I now run my own Personal Assistant business."

Wen Shan from China. "Thank you for taking such good care of me. I enjoyed every single minute at The International Butler Academy. The whole experience was fabulous. I know TIBA to be the finest school of its kind in the world. Your training is second to none. I am back in China and will speak with much pride about my time spent with you."

Patsy Paul from the USA. "The training program I took at The International Butler Academy was quite an experience. At times I was so tired, emotionally exhausted, that I wanted to give up, but I am proud I didn't. I now hold the official diploma. I enjoyed TIBA, the Dutch people, and the country tremendously. I went back to the US with many fond memories."

Fernando Arango from the USA. "The International Butler Academy was an incredible experience, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My time spent at TIBA was very rewarding, and I am filled with gratitude. I hope the time will come when I can give something back to TIBA. Thank you very much."

Mereta Bailey from Jamaica. "At The International Butler Academy, I did not realize I was going through such a life-enhancing experience. Looking back now, I see how much I gained, and I am truly grateful. Please do not change anything about the training program. Thank you for everything."

Els Verburg from The Netherlands. "The training program at The International Butler Academy is indeed difficult, even exhausting, but it is also very rewarding. I not only learned professional house management but also ended up with some great new friends. The whole educational experience was memorable. I will never forget my time at TIBA."

Rachel Clough from the USA. "Coming from the US, it was a privilege to occupy a historical estate. Student housing was fantastic. The trainers were fantastic. The food was fantastic. Everything was fantastic. The training curriculum is incredible. The homework was, at times, overwhelming.  The time flew by too fast."

Daniela Soricetti from Switzerland. "At The International Butler Academy, I had hard times, and I had good times, but there was never any doubt about my choice to be there. The experiences will always remain in my memories and heart and will give me comfort and support in my future life. My greatest respect and deepest gratitude to all the people at TIBA."

Jeroen van de Geer from The Netherlands. "Thanks to The International Butler Academy, I am now a butler at the Burl Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. I wish to thank the instructors and management for their support. TIBA created this grand opportunity, and I am proud to be one of its youngest ambassadors."

Bruno Duvall from France. "Thank you again for allowing me to live this great experience. I will never forget it. I now feel like living in a parallel world with other people. There is not one day without thinking about what happened at The International Butler Academy."

Goran Turk from Croatia. "Because of my performance and the strong words and statements given not only by TIBA Management and the Senior instructors but also by my respected classmates, I became a better person. I hope you may experience the same as I did. Never forget this; Life is short, but TIBA is forever."

Anita Franks from the USA. "In Estate Management, one must look beyond just getting the job done. One must accomplish various functions with a sense of style rising to the level of art. Being employed in private service and with many years of experience, the training at The International Butler Academy gave me the edge I needed to excel in my profession."

George Sindram from The Netherlands. "What strikes me most about the training at The International Butler Academy is the emphasis on character building. I would never have guessed that a butler school would pay so much attention to such a topic. For my fellow students and me, the experience made us all "better people. We learned more than we bargained for."

Benjamin Klose from Germany. "Thank you for an unforgettable time and experience at The International Butler Academy. I enjoyed every moment and consider the experience a great gift for my professional future. It is a great honor to be an Ambassador of The International Butler Academy."