Pavle Šimek

Dear prospective student,

During my study for two and a half months as a student at The International Butler Academy, and after a four months internship, I can tell you how this experience completely changed my life, in a personal and a professional aspect. I must admit that attending TIBA was the best decision of my life.

I was looking for a professional training program in the service industry where the standards were above the highest bar. I was looking for something that would inspire me in my future work. After long research, I decided on TIBA. I found everything I wanted and much more.

TIBA offers the best, most professional teaching you can imagine. The instructors genuinely care about you and care about your progress and growth. Of course, we may all have good and bad days, especially during intensive study periods, but the TIBA team is there for you. You will never feel alone.

It is essential to strive to be professional in every aspect and to get out of your comfort zones. This makes you more adaptable, mentally stable, and more robust. Push yourself beyond your limits. "Per aspera ad astra" "From thorns to stars" One way only my friends - TIBA all the way.

Sincerely, Pavle Šimek - Croatia
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - July 2022 

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