Our Academy

Why choose TIBA?

As the world's premier butler service training institute, The International Butler Academy (TIBA) offers an unparalleled and exclusive professional education in butler service, house management, and hospitality. Our training program is second to none. We take great pride in providing innovative and comprehensive instruction that prepares our graduates to excel in the world's most prestigious households, five-star hotels, resorts, private clubs, and cruise lines.

Our government-licensed 10-week training program consists of 800 curriculum hours and covers all the essential duties of a butler, personal assistant, valet, house, and estate manager. We provide on-site hospitality training modules widely respected in the industry, and our trainers are among the best in the world.

We are honored to serve some of the wealthiest families and most discerning employers in the world, and they rely on us for staff training, recruitment, and highly specialized consulting services. Request a free brochure here and learn more about our unique and exclusive professional butler, house management, and hospitality school.

Please read through the very important Reference Letters written by Graduates to learn more about what you may expect from our training program. This is the very best source of information you can find. Our Graduates are our Ambassadors. They are living proof of the overall quality of our Academy.


Our Clients and Partners

Many of the world's finest international businesses and five-star hotels & resorts turn to us for staff training and recruitment. We cherish the trust we have had for so many years. These clients recognize the high quality of our school, our training, and our recruitment methods. We are proud to be affiliated with our corporate clients displayed on our website (with permission, of course), and you will find the upper echelon of luxury represented. Many of the world's wealthiest families are our clients also. You would be surprised to learn the names of these clients, which of course, we will never publish. And yes, in case you are wondering, various Royal families are clients also.

An Official Training Institute

The International Butler Academy is an officially registered training institute. Of the various registrations, the one with the Dutch CRKBO (www.crkbo.nl) is one of the most important. This governing body examines, verifies, and registers private institutes, assuring that these institutes and their trainers comply with the highest standards of education and that appropriate policies are in place.

Once an institute is registered with the CRKBO, the institute's students do not need to pay VAT (Value Added Tax), which is a huge saving for the students. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce, pay taxes, are regularly audited, and are affiliated with several professional organizations. Even the building we occupy is regularly checked as it is a historic building and protected by the National Trust. Lastly, virtually every placement agency in the world distinguishes TIBA as the only professional butler school in the world.

Our Board of Governors

Our independent Board of Governors is responsible for determining the mission of The International Butler Academy, oversight of its activities and the efficient use of resources, planning the strategic objectives of the school and ensuring its financial health, governing the syllabus, and that the school conforms to legal requirements. The two primary rewards for governors are that they have an enormous sense of achievement when our school does well, and secondly, they extend their range of skills. Our governors come from a range of backgrounds. They are figures in the local community, professionals, and retired people with relevant experience. Several have an educational background and offer independent knowledge acquired over a lifetime in schools.


Warning - Unfortunately, we have no choice but to warn the public. Certain placement agencies have sent candidates to clients saying these have been trained by The International Butler Academy when they have not. Employers should always verify a candidate's credentials. Prospective students should carefully check all schools and research well before parting with their hard-earned money. Do not be fooled by fancy websites.