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The International Butler Academy is pleased to assist its clients with their recruiting needs. We specialize in placing butlers, house managers, estate managers, chefs, personal assistants, and domestic couples. We place full-time, part-time, and seasonal contract positions for distinguished clients worldwide.

We have developed a straightforward selection process to ensure a successful placement. We are convinced that we can find you the perfect candidate by consulting with you regarding your domestic needs in a professional way. Please contact us and allow us to be of service to you. For your convenience, you may also use the form below to contact us.

Method and Costs

Our success depends on thoroughly understanding your culture, needs, and goals. We then tailor job descriptions that are true, honest, effective, and marketable. We aim to attract the best person imaginable to fit the position. Our Recruitment Director, trained in our methodology for successful recruitment, follows strict protocols and procedures.

Everything, from the interview questions to the screening techniques, is thorough and consistent with our standards of distinction and discretion. Candidates are presented to you in writing, including resumes, letters of reference, photographs, and our interview notes and observations. Only suitable candidates are presented. Our recruitment methods have been designed to ensure that our relationship with you and the candidate is lasting and consistent with our standards of excellence.

For our professional recruitment efforts, our fee is based on a reasonable percentage of the annual gross salary of the selected candidate. This is a one-time, no-cure-no-pay contingency fee. This means that we send an invoice only after we have found a suitable candidate and you and the candidate have agreed on the employment terms. Based on your billing address, 21% VAT (Value Added Tax) may be added to any invoice as stipulated by European tax law. This will be the case if you reside within a country belonging to the European Union. A small deposit fee is required for us to start the assignment. The deposit fee is deducted from the final invoice.


Unlike regular placement agencies, we guarantee our clients a successful placement.  If our candidate resigns or is dismissed, not due to unreasonable working conditions, within the probation period, with a maximum of 3 months, we will find a substitute candidate who meets the same employment criteria and qualifications as agreed upon previously, free of charge except expenses. This process continues until the client is completely satisfied.

Clients and Candidates

We have developed strong relationships with clients and candidates from around the world. These relationships are founded on trust, professionalism, and integrity. Our experienced consultants can offer our international clients human resources advice, placement, and household staff training services. Please get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. You may inform us about the position you wish to fill by telephone or on the form below, i.e., if this is a replacement or a completely new position, live-in or live-out, other staff, a possible salary range, and any further details you wish to share with us, and/or your requirements.

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We invite you to please leave us any further information in the comments section that you feel might help your enquiry.

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