Butler Training

The Student Uniform

At the International Butler Academy, we take immense pleasure in providing our students with a butler uniform, including pristine white shirts, elegant cufflinks, immaculate white gloves, a distinguished butler's tie, and a range of additional accessories. Our students recognize the value of a complimentary butler uniform in their training, as it plays a pivotal role in their comprehensive learning experience.

Throughout our training program, students are equipped with various invaluable tools and resources. The majority of their training takes place through immersive, hands-on exercises and engaging role-playing sessions. Our students actively participate in formal dinners, luncheons, weddings, receptions, and teas, proudly donning their butler uniforms. This not only exemplifies their immense sense of honor and dedication but also enhances their training experience.


Only on special occasions

The butler uniform is worn only on special occasions when working in private service. In our specific case, the uniform is an important training tool. We are pleased to provide our students with a beautiful butler uniform. Students receive many more gifts and tools from us. Check the tuition fee page for more details.

Much of the training is hands-on and includes role-playing sessions. Our students are part of many formal and informal events, including, but not limited to, formal dinners and lunches, weddings, receptions, teas, and more. The International Butler Academy receives requests to participate in several events throughout the year. Some events students participate in are truly unique. We are also pleased to support several charitable organizations and fundraising events.

Our students wear their butler uniforms with enormous pride at these events.