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Training for Hotels and Resorts

The competition in the hospitality industry is fierce, margins are tight and budgets are small.

At The International Butler Academy we understand the pains and needs of hoteliers and owners alike.

Over the past 20 plus years we have been able to support and guide many successful hotels and resorts to achieve better business results.

The highest standards of service and customer satisfaction do not stand in opposition to higher return, cross- and upselling rates. The International Butler Academy will help you increase customer and shareholder satisfaction.

Our consulting and trainings aim not only to increase your service quality, but to increase sales and customer approval alike.

We are very proud that the clients who choose to work with us, find that their investments in our trainings and services render a large return.

Contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance to elevate your service and increase your profitability. Depending on your wishes, we will customize a training curriculum for you and for your staff.

Set yourself apart from your competition, increase customer retention and truly become your guests' preferred home away from home.

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Who are our clients?

American Express - Millionaire Fair - Amsterdam Diamond Center - PricewaterhouseCoopers - Shell - Axel Vervoordt - Sotheby's - Bartender Network - Tommy Hilfiger Company - Burgerking - Many Embassies - Business Club Alliance - Villeroy & Boch - AVIC - LVMH - Challenger Organization - Walt Disney Studios - Yachtvision - Aegon - Warner Brothers Studios - KPN - Citigroup - Starbucks - International Film Festival - Microsoft - And many others ......

By Royal Appointment