Specialized Training

The gift of good manners

Our corporate clients include hotels and resorts, management consulting firms, outplacement firms, IT firms, banks, insurance companies, governments, and more.

In our seminars, participants from entry-level college graduates to senior executives learn the importance of business etiquette and protocol and that social skills, or the lack thereof can make or break deals and careers. Studies have shown that more than 60% of what is believed about us is based on visual messages. The gift of good manners is a life-long head start.

Manners as business intelligence

Business and hiring decisions are often made over lunch or dinner. Are you comfortable and at ease in such situations? Are you someone to be trusted and respected? How you relate to other guests, carry on a conversation, handle your silverware, and even how you treat the wait staff, speaks volumes about you. Good manners are good business. A clear understanding that perfection is a journey - not a destination - is balanced with the appreciation that rules of etiquette and protocol are a flexible framework of common sense consideration for others. This applies equally to the boardroom and to the dining room, and even on the golf course.

Contemporary etiquette and protocol

At many Fortune 500 companies, top management takes potential employees to lunch or dinner to observe their comfort level with executives, spouses, waiters, and even the various pieces of silverware. Management will compare good manners with competence in business and poor manners with incompetence. The International Butler Academy offers present-day and universally accepted protocol and etiquette programs in the highest professional manner. We will work with a company's senior management to learn its needs for protocol and etiquette training and then develop a corporate etiquette plan.

At the conclusion of our seminars, participants will have a clear understanding of the importance of first impressions. They will know how to practice proper business etiquette in different situations and will be fully aware of the many advantages gained by applying these skills. Whether promoting good dining skills to corporate executives or teaching serving skills to butlers, yacht stewards, or personal assistants, our goal is for participants to present themselves with flair, confidence, and style. Of course, any program we develop will be tailored to each organization's needs. We also conduct follow-up interviews with the organization's management or officials to assess the longer-term effectiveness. Please contact us and let us know your wish. We will be pleased to put together a customized training program for you.

Who are our clients?

American Express - FDC International Hotel Group Taiwan - Millionaire Fair - Amsterdam Diamond Center - Intercontinental Hotel Shanghai - PricewaterhouseCoopers - Shell - Axel Vervoordt - Sotheby's - Hyatt Regency Beijing - Bartender Network - Tommy Hilfiger Company - Burgerking - Many Embassies - Business Club Alliance - Villeroy & Boch - Langham Hotel Hong Kong - AVIC - LVMH - Challenger Organization - Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu - Walt Disney Studios - Yachtvision - Aegon - Waldorf Astoria Jeddah - Warner Brothers Studios - KPN - Citigroup - Starbucks - International Film Festival Cannes - Microsoft - and many others.