Butler Training

The Field Trips

Field trips increase student knowledge and understanding of a subject and add realism to the topic of study. They provide an opportunity to develop and enhance a student's socialization skills. Our students go on several field trip excursions to receive valuable, on-site training in specialized areas. Field trips enable the instructors to expand learning beyond the classroom walls into the vast community outside. Besides the obvious educational value, the field trips are a welcome break from our highly intensive training schedule. The field trips may include, but are not limited to;

leurope 100
Hotel De L'Europe

Founded on the remains of a late medieval fortress, De L'Europe Amsterdam offers luxurious accommodations along the Amstel River, in the city's heart. This 5-star hotel includes a fitness area, spa and wellness facilities, and a waterside terrace. Valet parking is available. The guest rooms and suites blend a classic design, including a Carrara marble bathroom, with contemporary amenities such as Apple TV, A Bose surround sound system, and motion-detecting floor lighting. A Nespresso machine and international adapters are also featured. Some rooms and suites offer a balcony overlooking the Amstel and the historic center of Amsterdam. Dutch Masters replicas are displayed in each room in partnership with the Rijksmuseum.

leurope 300

We thank Mr. Robert-Jan Woltering, the Director of Hotel L'Europe, and Mr. Roberto Brennickmeijer, the esteemed Head Butler, for their exceptional hospitality and generosity. Thanks to their efforts, our students are treated to an unforgettable afternoon at Hotel De L'Europe, where they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the hotel's exquisite ambiance and indulge in its remarkable services. The students are even presented with fantastic goody bags as a delightful memento of their visit. We also greatly appreciate Hotel De L'Europe for providing our students with outstanding internship opportunities, further enriching their educational journey. Hotel De L'Europe.

Habano 100
La Casa del Habano

Students learn about the Art of the Cigar from co-owners Mr. Stet and Mr. Alkemanden. You will enjoy the passion that these gentlemen have for their products. Students enjoy learning from them, and together with Mr. Stet and Mr. Alkemanden, many students try one of the many excellent Cuban cigars that are displayed in the store. Of course, you don't need to smoke a cigar if you don't want to, but you will still need to learn the many aspects of cigar handling. La Casa del Habana

opera domotica
De Opera Domotica

For over two decades, De Opera Domotica has established itself as a prominent frontrunner in the realm of luxury home automation. Renowned for crafting bespoke home automation systems of unparalleled excellence, De Opera Domotica consistently prioritizes the unique preferences of its clientele, be it in terms of lighting, security, climate control, audio-video solutions, or home cinemas. As part of their commitment to fostering knowledge and understanding, Opera Domotica welcomes TIBA students to their opulent showroom, offering comprehensive on-site presentations. De Opera Domotica

duke 100
The Duke Club

The Duke Club combines the allure of a private members' club, a luxurious hotel, an exquisite gym and spa, and versatile meeting spaces. It boasts a renowned fine-dining restaurant that has garnered high acclaim. Exceptional comfort is paramount, featuring seamlessly integrated high-tech elements alongside traditional indulgences such as sumptuous king-sized beds and lavish, spa-inspired bathrooms. Embracing the essence of a classic country house, the Duke Club goes above and beyond by offering dedicated butler service to further elevate the guest experience. The Duke


greve 100

The creation of Greve shoes is a meticulous endeavor that spares no effort. Each pair is born from a meticulously crafted and thoughtful process, reflecting a tradition that dates back to the year 1898. When our students visit the production site, they are immersed in the art of handmade shoe craftsmanship. Greve generously extends the opportunity for interested students to acquire these exceptional shoes at an excellent discounted rate, a benefit that numerous participants in the program eagerly seize. Greve


twentyseven 100
Hotel TwentySeven

Nestled in Amsterdam's city center's vibrant heart, Hotel TwentySeven is an extraordinary boutique hotel. Led by the visionary Eric Toren, a two-time recipient of the prestigious Hotelier of the Year Award, no detail escapes the keen eye of this exceptional establishment. Hotel TwentySeven is renowned for its dedication to personalized service, where no request is too grand or too small for its esteemed guests. With sixteen exquisite suites, this remarkable hotel guarantees an immersive sensory experience that will leave an indelible mark, ensuring a lifetime of cherished memories. Hotel Twentyseven

victorian 100
Victorian House

Victorian House Antiques and Arts is a cherished family-owned enterprise located in Maastricht. They possess extensive expertise in showcasing antique treasures from the 18th century to the early 20th century. Victorian House also conducts enlightening courses focused on the realm of silver. Acquiring knowledge about cleaning, repairing, and properly storing antique silver is an essential skill every discerning butler should possess. At Victorian House, this invaluable expertise is imparted, ensuring a well-rounded education in the art of preserving and caring for these exquisite pieces. Victorian House

aviation 100
The Aviation Factory

The Aviation Factory is the first air charter broker in this part of the world. They have more than 3 000 flights a year, and they can find the right aircraft for any mission. Loyalty, vision, and market intelligence have made them the reference in aircraft rental. Typically, our students can go onboard one of the corporate jets to receive a hands-on presentation. Learn why it sometimes makes sense, and you can save money by hiring a private jet. One of our Guest Speakers, Mr. Bas Schippers, is a pilot of a Private Airplane. The Aviation Factory.

suit academy 100
Suit Academy

The International Butler Academy is proud that the Suit Academy is a key partner. A made-to-measure tailor in the heart of the beautiful city of Maastricht. Students learn about all the ins and outs of made-to-measure and bespoke clothing, as well as the etiquette involved in wearing high-quality fashion. Wearing made-to-measure clothing is not just trendy. It is incredibly enjoyable to wear something that was completely manufactured just for you. Suit Academy

dumco 200

Knowledge of cleaning products is vital for a professional butler as it ensures effective cleaning, safety, surface compatibility, efficiency, and problem-solving. Understanding the characteristics of different products allows the butler to select the most suitable ones for specific surfaces and tasks, resulting in thorough cleaning and maintenance. Dumco is a great family business. They train our students in the art of leather polishing and leather care. For this purpose, they use Saphir products from France, the top product in shoe care. Dumco


douxe 100
DOUXE Hotel Luxury

Our students visit DOUXE's concept store in Amsterdam to discover luxury hotel products that are not only used by many five-star hotels around the world, but many people use in their homes. Sleeping has become a science, and it is DOUXE's sleep experts that teach the students how to make the employer happy by choosing the right products. Students experience the boxsprings, mattresses, and featherbeds in the store's "Cloud 9 area" where they also will discover the brand's products, from Egyptian cotton bed linen to ultra-soft towels. Needless to say that our Academy uses DOUXE's products. DOUXE