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The Butler Academy & the Media

The International Butler Academy has garnered widespread media attention, having been featured in numerous TV shows, documentaries, radio programs, glossy magazines, newspapers, and websites. Our coverage ranges from a five-part documentary on the German ARTE TV network (50 minutes each) to a two-page spread in The International Herald Tribune and a brief interview in the Times of India, as well as a documentary on MTV.

Be our guest

The International Butler Academy is an extraordinary place that offers a unique learning experience. We own the largest private estate in the Netherlands. The main building is magnificent and provides a stunning backdrop for filming and photography. The location and size of our estate allow for unparalleled filming opportunities and offer a perfect setting for media outlets looking to produce visually stunning content.

Moreover, the International Butler Academy is the premier institution for butler training, and our graduates are highly sought after by discerning employers worldwide. Our school provides an unparalleled level of training and expertise, and a visit to our campus will allow the media to witness first-hand our commitment to the True Art of Service.

By visiting us, the media will have the opportunity to experience our unique approach to butler training and witness our students in action. They will also have the chance to speak to our highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors and students and gain valuable insight into the world of butling and private service.

In summary, a visit to The International Butler Academy is a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of private service. The combination of our stunning location and exceptional training program makes us the ideal destination for media outlets looking to produce captivating content.

Also, note that you and your crew are important to us. We have tremendous experience with media representatives and we realize that you need to produce a high-quality product, just like us. We are highly flexible and can accommodate your wishes. Please contact us. We will be pleased to be of assistance.