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Finding a rewarding job

That's what it's all about. 95% of our students graduate successfully with a diploma. 85% of our graduates hold outstanding positions in service worldwide, working in Royal households, private homes, hotels and resorts, embassies, cruise ships, and super yachts, and with Fortune 500 companies. Many of these graduates were recruited with the assistance of our recruitment division. More importantly, however, is that 75% of these graduates are still employed in the same job one year after their recruitment. Because of our worldwide contacts, your chances of finding a rewarding position are superb. Most important, however, is your Diploma. Recruitment services for our students are of course completely free of charge.

Our graduates are highly sought-after by employers in the service industry. Through our training program, giving you a strong foundation in luxury service, you will be well-positioned to secure a well-paying job in the butler profession. As part of our comprehensive training program, we go the extra mile to support each student in crafting a compelling Graduate Profile Binder, a personalized marketing document to enhance their prospects during the recruitment process. This valuable material is then shared with our network of partner placement agencies, as well as targeted luxury international residential and hospitality clients.

Finding the right job can be a daunting task, so we don't leave our graduates to fend for themselves after completing the program. As part of our training, we provide recruitment knowledge and interviewing skills to help our students develop focused and well-targeted job search strategies. We believe that a successful job interview requires thorough preparation, so we teach our graduates how to prepare for interviews to increase their chances of securing their desired position. Our comprehensive training prepares our graduates to pursue their dream careers in the service industry.

Internships TIBA

During your 10-week training program, you will find several recent graduates at TIBA called “interns.” They have an important role to play. You can watch them as they work closely with the Academy's faculty to continue developing and refining their skills. They are also at TIBA to help you. They have graduated from the training and therefore have had the same struggles and challenges you will have. They know the process and will help to support you; however, they will not do the work for you.

If you wish, and depending on your final grade, you may continue your education after graduation. We will allow you to stay at The International Butler Academy for 3 to 4 months as an Intern. You will be working under the guidance of our CEO, Executive Head Butler, and support staff. Not only will you have the opportunity to put into practice the things you learned at TIBA, but you will also receive an official Reference Letter celebrating your internship.

Internships TIBA China

China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 has propelled its economy to remarkable heights. This growth has sparked a surge in demand for butlers among the country's affluent business elite and super-rich individuals, primarily driven by the flourishing high-end hotel and luxury real estate sectors. China has now emerged as the world's fastest-growing market for butlers.

Once you finish your 10-week training in The Netherlands, you may apply to continue your education at our school in Chengdu (Sichuan), China. After completing the training at our school in The Netherlands, you may apply for the opportunity to stay in China for another six months on an official internship. We take care of your room & board plus all travel expenses. You will also receive a full salary.

Career consulting services

Recruitment knowledge and interviewing skills are part of our training program. We work with each student to assist him or her in developing a focused and well-targeted Résumé, as well as job search strategies that will increase their job opportunities upon graduation. We will teach you how to prepare yourself for a successful job interview in the best possible way. This service will open up many doors to domestic management positions for you. Throughout the training program, a personal marketing document called the Graduate Profile Binder is prepared for and with each student for recruitment purposes. This marketing material is distributed to our partner placement agencies and targeted luxury international residential and hospitality clients.

Upon successful graduation, you receive a handcrafted and beautifully framed Diploma, with the original document emailed to you as a PDF document. This valuable document proves that you are a certified professional butler, personal assistant, and estate or household manager. We are the only school of its kind to train private service professionals and reach out to outside placement agencies so that student opportunities for employment upon graduation are maximized. We want you to secure a rewarding position through our recruitment division or that of another company. The International Butler Academy records all numbered and certified Academy graduates and their internationally recognized Diplomas.


Other Internship Opportunities

We have other internship opportunities available. When the time comes after graduation, you will have a conversation with our Recruitment Consultants, and they will ask about your wishes and interests. They will do their very best to support you, as will we. Here are some available internships:

  • Hotel De L:'Europe - arguably the finest hotel in The Netherlands. Interns work under the direct supervision of the hotel's Head Butler, Mr. Roberto Brennickmeijer. One of our finest Field Trips is to this hotel.
  • Little Grand - a small but exquisite long-stay Hotel where at the end of each training program, one successful Graduate will have the chance to learn the trade from the Head Butler, Mr. Marcel van Wessel.
  • Hotel TwentySeven - this premier luxury hotel will give one hardworking Graduate the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of their existing Butler team.
  • Pepper Collection - one successful Graduate will be allowed to be a Chalet Butler in the scenic Arlberg region of Austria.

We also have internships available in private homes in The Netherlands, as well as in other countries. However, no further information as such is provided on our website.

Outstanding service positions

Many of our graduates hold outstanding service positions worldwide, working in Royal households, private homes, hotels and resorts, embassies, cruise ships, and super yachts, and with Fortune 500 companies. Many of these graduates were recruited with the assistance of our recruitment division. Due to our worldwide contacts, students' chances of finding a rewarding position are high. Recruitment services for our students are, of course, completely free of charge. Exclusive to our Academy is the unique partnership with the International Guild of Professional Butlers. As a TIBA graduate, you are automatically entitled to executive membership in this prestigious organization.