Butler Training

The Tuition Fee

The total cost of the 10-week program is 15.500 Euros (221 Euros per day). 

Our commitment to providing an all-inclusive experience sets us apart, ensuring that students don't won't have to worry about additional expenses commonly incurred at other institutions. We take immense pride in the meticulous structure of our tuition fee, ensuring that every aspect of your training is of the highest quality.

To secure your place in the program, we require a deposit fee of 750 Euros. The remaining balance of 14,750 Euros should be settled no later than 40 days before the start of the program. This allows us to ensure seamless preparations for your training and guarantee the availability of top-notch resources throughout the program.

With our transparent pricing and inclusive approach, you can focus solely on your education and professional development without the burden of unexpected costs. Join our esteemed school for butlers and embark on a transformative journey toward a successful career, knowing that everything you need is already taken care of.

Note that the tuition fee is all inclusive

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary training experience at The International Butler Academy and unlock a world of opportunities. Our training program is set within a magnificent ultra-luxurious private home, providing you with access to exceptional facilities. We believe in delivering excellence in every aspect, so we use only the finest crystal, porcelain, silver, and more during your training. Prepare to engage in various captivating events, where you will actively participate alongside fellow students and dedicated trainers. From grand formal dinners to relaxed lunches and delightful afternoon tea gatherings, you will experience the full spectrum of butler service.

The following is included in the tuition fee, and more:

  • Ten weeks of world-class training by devoted professional trainers in a magnificent ultra-luxurious training location, the largest private home in The Netherlands. We own the estate, which is entirely dedicated to the butler training program.

  • Students have their own private and very comfortable bedrooms. All bedrooms have a window with a beautiful view. The bedrooms are beautifully outfitted with a hotel box-spring bed, a desk, bed linen, and a personal safe.

  • A traditional, 3-piece, high-quality butler uniform, plus two white shirts with French cuffs, tie, cufflinks, and several pairs of white gloves.
  • We provide all meals for ten weeks: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Our Executive Chef is an outstanding Cook, and students enjoy the quality and variety of the food. Students' dietary wishes are not a problem at all.
  • All transportation, including all field trips in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France (if scheduled), plus transportation to and from train and/or airports. More information about this will be shared once you are enrolled.

  • You will enjoy Fiber-Optic Internet, access to the school library, our professional Gym, the students┬┤ online platform, and much more. We provide printing, writing pads, pens, office supplies, a wine bottle opener, a pocket watch, and more.

  • On graduation day, you will receive a complete photographic overview of your entire stay at TIBA. You will also receive a stunning photo series of you in full uniform on Graduation Day, taken by a professional photographer.

  • We guarantee a rewarding job to any student who graduates with a grade of 900 or higher. (Some rules apply.)
  • More important than anything is that you will receive a framed, internationally recognized diploma. This tangible representation of your achievement holds immense value and is a testament to your hard work and dedication to acquiring knowledge and skills. The diploma of The International Butler Academy not only acts as a symbol of personal accomplishment but also serves as a form of recognition in the professional world. It carries weight and credibility, showcasing your expertise and qualifications to prospective employers. Apply Now.

All fees are non-refundable for any reason but may be applied towards a future training program if you must reschedule, fall ill, or have a personal situation that forces you to postpone.