Huize Damiaan

The Butler Academy at Huize Damiaan

The International Butler Academy resides at Huize Damiaan. This former monastery was founded in 1892 by followers of the canonized Belgian father Damiaan. After many years of renting a building, we purchased this estate in 2014, and after a year of restorations, Huize Damiaan is now the largest private residence in The Netherlands. The estate is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. The magnificent estate is entirely dedicated to the training of our students. The official opening of our new location in 2015 was performed by Madame Milica Lakhdar Brahimi, mother of Her Royal Highness Princess Rym Ali of Jordan.

135 rooms

We are extremely proud to offer our students such a superb training location. Huize Damiaan is beautifully located in the historical city of Simpelveld, in the south of The Netherlands, very close to Maastricht and the German city of Aachen. Huize Damiaan is one of the most prominent landmark buildings in this part of The Netherlands. Here you will learn how to become a first-class butler, house manager, and personal assistant. The Residence is an astounding 7.500 square meters (80.000 square feet) large, with 135 rooms. The estate includes:

4 butler pantries
Flower room
Several kitchens
Porcelain room
Cigar room
Laundry room
Student living room
4 Table decoration rooms
Dining room
Ironing room
Vegetable garden
Candle room
2 Bars
Student office
Student living room
Student study room
Executive office
Trainer office
Guest suites
Head butler office
Very large garden
Executive office
Trainer office
Guest suites
Over 50 bedrooms
Royal Suite
2 Lakes
The Trainers
The International Butler Academy is proud to have assembled a team of trainers handpicked with great care based on their impressive track record of experience and teaching prowess. With years of distinguished service in esteemed households and corporations, these trainers possess a deep-rooted affection for the butler profession, evident in their passionate approach to teaching their students. Their combined knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm work in perfect tandem to provide an unmatched educational experience for students at The International Butler Academy.
The Curriculum
We have painstakingly put together an excellent curriculum of which we are very proud. You will be responsible for the rest of the staff, and possibly the yacht, the jet, and other properties. You will be the estate or house manager, sometimes the chauffeur, and at times even the housekeeper, handyman, accountant, and gardener. Whatever your role, we will teach you to do it with style and grace.
The References
Who else would be better to advise you than our graduates? They are proud to be part of the TIBA family. They are proud to be Butler Academy ambassadors. You will also be. Maybe we are overdoing it with the number of letters we place on our website. However, we believe these letters to be enormously important. Our graduates know The International Butler Academy to be the finest Butling and household management school in the world.

Student accomodation

Students have their own private and very comfortable bedrooms. All bedrooms are beautifully outfitted with a box-spring bed, bed linen, and a personal safe. Students have access to their own private living room, equipped with everything you would expect in a private home. This includes comfortable furniture, a fully-equipped kitchen, a large-screen TV, a DVD player, and wireless Internet. We provide towels, sheets, irons, and ironing boards as well. Students also have a large office and a conference room which can also be used for watching films together, making homework, or simply relaxing.

Village of Simpelveld

The village of Simpelveld is surrounded by hills, and as in most small towns in the South Limburg region, many travelers use Simpelveld as a base for hiking and biking. Simpelveld has several very suited routes. It also has a heritage railway station and is the home base of the historic South Limburg Railway Company. The track of this steam train goes through part of our garden. No worries here. This is a historic steam train. It is not a nuisance. It runs only a few times a day and not even in wintertime. Everyone at our school loves the train.