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Frequently Asked Questions

These "Frequently Asked Questions" are based on questions from students getting ready to come to The International Butler Academy, or from prospective students requesting information.

Please contact us in case you have further questions or concerns. Better still, make an appointment and visit us. You are most welcome to bring a friend or a relative. The best time to visit is of course during a training program.

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Our training is very intensive and our students spend most of their time here immersed in studying butling at our Academy, where they learn "on the job", in a real, large, exclusive private home. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you will be fulfilling all the duties of a butler in a demanding household, all under the guidance of excellent instructors. Over the years, we have proven that our training methods work and clients often have more faith in our students than in butlers with many years of experience. Our graduates are successful in butling, service, and hospitality and have rewarding jobs in many countries around the world.

Absolutely! We always encourage potential students to do their research and to do it well. What better way is there than to visit us, and spend time with us and with our students? Do visit us if at all possible. We do request that you make an appointment beforehand.

Virtually every employment agency in the world recognizes the high standards represented by our diploma. One of our more important affiliations is with the exclusive International Guild of Professional Butlers. TIBA's 10-week training is also endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality and by the City & Guilds in the UK.

We support our graduating students either through our own recruitment division, our extensive network, or through affiliated agencies, although we also encourage students to find suitable employment on their own. Our Recruitment Director works with each student to help position him or her for a successful entry into the private service workforce. Please look under the 'Recruitment Agency' section of our website for more detailed information.

We stay in close contact with you and your employer to ensure that both of you are satisfied. Upon request, we visit the employer at home, interview with the employer and with you, assess the work situation, give advice, and so on. In any case, even with a simple telephone call, we ensure that you and the employer are both satisfied.

TV networks and TV production companies invest a lot of money into their programs and documentaries, and they are often copyrighted. If we do not have permission to put these on our website, you may try searching for them online. Reach out to us if there is a specific documentary you are interested in watching, we may be able to help!

Yes, we certainly can help. A student who has a legitimate reason why he or she "must" take a particular training program that is full, is often granted admission providing the student writes a solid motivation letter.

Basically the entire time spent at The International Butler Academy is practical experience. Every day each student has the opportunity to learn relevant skills through hands-on experiences. 

We do take legal action from time to time as unfortunately there are a lot of people in this profession with no morals or integrity. We hope that people searching for training, or employers looking for staff, will do their research and know to come to us.

Bringing a laptop with you is indeed important to do your homework, do your research, stay in touch with your family and friends and perhaps play your favorite music. Of course we provide free and fast wireless internet access. 

We actually have a fully equipped and professional laundry room, with washers and dryers you will normally only see at the dry cleaners. We also provide students with a steam iron, including sprays for ironing, an ironing board, clothing hangers, bed linen and towels. 

Exchange rates differ from day to day. There are many currency converters to be found on the Internet. Here is one we use frequently.

You must speak and understand English, and be at least 18 years of age. There are no requirements concerning prior education or experience. Both mean little to us. You must have the kind of service-oriented personality and character that will make you successful working in private service. How can we determine this? We cannot. Even if we would spend a full day with you, we cannot. We do our best to evaluate your information but in the end, it is your decision. Age and gender are not important. The easiest way to signup is to email us your Resume (CV), a brief cover letter, and a recent photo.

Yes. The International Butler Academy is an officially registered training institute. Of the various registrations, the one with the Dutch CRKBO ( is one of the most important ones. This governing body examines, verifies, and registers private institutes, assuring that these institutes and their trainers comply with the highest standards of education and that appropriate policies are in place. Once an institute is registered with the CRKBO, the institute's students do not need to pay VAT (Value Added Tax), which is of course a huge saving for the students. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce, pay taxes, are regularly audited, and are affiliated with a number of professional organizations. The International Butler Academy is also endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, and last, but not least, virtually every placement agency in the world distinguishes us as the only professional butler school in the world.

Butling is one profession where age is not important. Some employers prefer young staff, other employers prefer older staff. You must, however, be flexible, honest, discreet, hard-working and loyal. These and similar qualities are much more important to a potential employer than your age.

Yes. It is important to us that you have your privacy during the training program. Your bedroom has a wonderful box-spring bed, quality linen, a study table and even a safe where you can put your valuables.

The Graduation Ceremony at our Academy is a very special occasion. Of course you wish your family and friends to be part of the celebrations. You may invite as many guests as you wish.

We do not expect our students to read service-related books. In fact, we prefer that students come to us with an open mind, also because we believe that most books are not very good. In case students wish to read books we have an extensive library at school containing many interesting books. Our library contains relevant films, documentaries, and TV series also. These materials may be borrowed upon request.

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