Specialized Training

Interior Yacht Crew Training

Service on the high seas comes with special challenges, from unstable and moving floors to a shortage of space and the unavailability of a shop around the corner. These factors, coupled with limited space, cause tension between staff members, and this should be addressed early on to prevent problems once no shoreline is visible.

Taking care of a guest’s needs does not start when serving them but when anticipating their requirements before they even arrive on board. At The International Butler Academy, we know that the logistics to face these challenges are critical in providing high-class service on board a yacht or a cruise ship.

The International Butler Academy

The International Butler Academy provides you and your crew with tailor-made training that will allow you to spoil your guests with the service expected in the best houses in the world. Contact us to embark on a journey to excellence and turn your moving planks into a runway to showcase service of the highest possible quality. Below you find a small assortment of ships we had the pleasure of providing training on.