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Interior Yacht Crew Training

Anticipating guests' needs, paying attention to every detail, and surpassing guests' expectation while performing with utmost discretion and professionalism, is still a butler's role at sea. Serving on board a super yacht may sound like a dream job, and it may be immensely satisfying, but it's very, very hard work. Our interior yacht training shows how it's done with grace and style. Note that our Interior Yacht Crew Training Program is not meant for individual students. It is meant for crews or captains and owners of yachts. Below are four examples of luxury yachts where staff was trained by us. Please click the thumbnails for a larger photo.

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The logical choice for owners, captains and crews of luxury yachts


If superb service at sea is required then turn to the experts at The International Butler Academy for training and recruitment. The yachting industry finds it difficult, if not impossible, to recruit dedicated and professional interior staff who live up to their expectations. Our graduates make a difference and our unique training methods guarantee results. We are pleased that we have trained and recruited staff for some of the world's largest and finest yachts and ocean liners. Please contact us and allow us to present a made-to-measure curriculum to you for your crew.


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Case example:

In January, 2007, The International Butler Academy was retained by the Cunard Line to work on a nine-month project with the Queen Mary 2. Queen Mary 2 is the most magnificent ocean liner ever built. Her every detail harkens to the Golden Age of Ocean Travel, while providing one of the most modern travel experiences on earth. From bow to stern, the Queen Mary 2 has 13 spacious decks. It is a place to relax and unwind and to indulge in pleasures and pursuits you never normally have time for. Opulent public areas, extravagant dining rooms, ballrooms, theatres, lounges...even the only Planetarium at sea are part of the experience. We:

  • Reviewed the butler department which was experiencing problems,
  • Made recommendations about what needed to be fixed, how to proceed with the fixes, and rewrite various department policies and procedures,
  • Developed a customized ten-step training program,
  • Introduced a new butler training program and trained 23 butlers,
  • Developed a "Train the Trainer" program so that these trainers could be independent at the end of the process,
  • Rewrote in conjunction with Cunard, all of the new policies and procedures for the top 83 suites and the butler service.

All of our recommendations were approved by both Cunard Head Office and Shipboard operations and were then implemented.

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