Specialized Training

Property Management

Over the past 2 decades, the luxury property market has become more and more competitive. It is no longer good enough to just build luxurious estates to achieve high selling prices. Buyers and tenants are asking for more than bricks and stones. 

Estates and condominiums today are paired with excellent value-added services. As a professional consulting property management and property development company for over 20 years, we know how to plan, integrate and facilitate exclusive service all the way from the conception, and grand opening, to the management after.

Bespoke butler service and property management China

If you like us to help you increase sales, your property's reputation, and overall customer satisfaction, contact us now. We are happy to develop a tailor-made plan that helps you and your staff surpass your client's expectations. Sales will explode. The property management and butler service concept developed by The International Butler Academy for exclusive and top luxury properties in China has proved enormously successful. Owners and management of these property developments recognize the high value of acquiring our services. Besides the obvious increase in sales, the tenants of high-end luxury apartments are much more satisfied with the services of the property management company with the involvement of our organization.

Who are our clients?

Below are a few examples. All assignments included Public Relations and Marketing activities.

Horoy Holdings Limited (Shenzhen, China).
The assignment was multi-leveled and provided the Horoy Group of Companies with the tools and knowledge to provide their clients with unsurpassed services.

Langji Real Estate CO. (Chengdu, China).
The assignment included the on-site training of the service and butler staff, plus extensive consulting with Langji Real Estate CO.

Harmonious Homes (Hangzhou, China).
For Canhigh Real Estate Group Ltd. we developed butler services for the Harmonious Homes property. This extensive assignment included training the service staff.

Oriental Royal (Hangzhou, China).
For Narada Property Management, we developed butler services and trained 60 managers to operate the butler department for the exclusive Oriental Royal property.

China Railway Group Ltd, (Xiamen, China).
Assisted the Property Management Company in setting up the butler services.

Aviation Industry Corporation, (Xiamen, Shenzhen and Kunming, China).
AVIC is one of our largest clients. Our services for this excellent company are wide and varied.

There are many more clients to consider. Here are a few 
Dowell Chongqin - Tongwei Group Chengdu - Founder Group Hubei - JRDV Urban International Outler Village Shanghai - Heneng Group Ningbo - HWIN Group Heibei - First Class Flight Attendant Training for Hainan and Xiamen Airlines - Doucha Tea House Management Training in Chengdu - Dongyuan Real Estate Developing Co., Ltd. - Hunan Mondale Home Textile Co., Ltd. - Yuanteng Real Estate Developing Co., Ltd. - Chengdu Galencia Properties Co., Ltd. - Chongqing Luneng Yingda Properties Co., Ltd. - Heilongjiang Vocational Technical Institute - Sanda University Shanghai.