Zi-Xiang Tsai

Dear prospective student,

At the age of twenty-one, one year before graduating from college, I was desperate to step on the path of my life, to seek where my heart truly belongs. But instead of picking up the pace to a full charge, I was somehow overwhelmed by the possibilities offered. Aimlessly passing through every day, wondering if there is any purpose behind this ordinary life. The emptiness was haunting me from the bottom of my heart. Life without a dream is tasteless and tedious. Have you ever seen something so impressive that you could still have a clear image even when you close your eyes? That specific thought was restless and dramatically growing in your mind while you tried to fade into the night until it reminded you of those insomniac nights caused by excitement while you were a kid.

For me, The International Butler Academy was the case. It was the first dawn that cleared up the morning mist, and it was the lighthouse that guided me through the darkness. Suddenly, I have the courage to take the risk I wouldn’t dare before, to explore the world I couldn’t even imagine. Somehow, I can’t quite explain. The Academy has its magic to enchant you. Once you step into the house, you know a grand adventure is beginning.

This journey will be challenging but rewarding as well. You sure will have plenty of memorable times, also down times, perhaps even with tears, but those moments will teach you the most. You’ll be tired, but you won’t complain because you know that time is too precious to waste. Of course, the staff will be tough on you sometimes, why wouldn’t they? Because you aim for the best, and they will make sure you become one of them. It is not difficult to provide a service, but a service with dignity, grace, and excellence is extremely rare to find, and that is what The Academy determines to teach you about “The True Art of Service.”

The International Butler Academy is built by people who have a heart for caring and giving, who have a heart full of energy, passion, and commitment. It is the place for dreamers to pursue their wildest dream. It is the place that inspires people to believe. Not once did I regret my decision. I miss the academy, the Chairman, the staff, and my friends. The International Butler Academy marks the most significant period of time in my life so far, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. I’m sure the academy will affect you the same as it did to me, perhaps even greater than I could ever imagine. Seize the moment, take the challenge, and follow your heart, and you will be surprised by what you are capable of.

“Only those who play win. Only those who risk win. History favors risk-takers. Forgets the timid. Everything else is commentary.” ― Iveta Cherneva"

Sincerely, Zi-Xiang Tsai - Taiwan
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - March 2018 

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