Luc Deflandre

Dear prospective student,

First, I have to say that the decision to go to The International Butler Academy was the most important decision that I ever had to make, ever. And, I have no regrets, I am very proud to have joined the Academy.

During the weeks, I lived all the feelings that we can live in life, the enjoyment, the happiness but also the anxiety, and the stress, I was sometimes also very tired. Training is intense and hard. Having a team spirit is essential to succeed, and I was very happy that my fellow students supported me and helped me. My English is not all that great, but I worked hard and tried hard to show a great attitude.

The International Butler Academy provided the best teaching methods, as well as the very best experts who possess enormous experience in their field. If I have one thing that I will never forget it is: "Stay Professional and you will never go wrong". The International Butler Academy changed my life, for sure. I thank the Academy for all the fantastic moments that I will never forget.

The training program is truly intense. The International Butler Academy is endowed with professionals who teach formidably well and help us. We can count on them at any moment.

Sincerely, Luc Deflandre - France
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - November 2008

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