Sachi Fujita

Dear prospective student,

After completing the training program, I reminisce about the days at school every minute. I had always asked myself, "Do I have the energy, passion, and commitment to become a professional butler?" and "Can I prove it?" These two simple questions encouraged me through the program and challenged me positively. If you have a strong passion for ultimate service, TIBA is the place for you. If you’re not sure, then visit TIBA and see it for yourself. During my training program, a number of potential students visited, and of course, they were all impressed by what they saw and heard. Applying to TIBA was the best decision I ever made in my life.

You will find the Academy’s CEO to be your best mentor. He has a clear vision of what the true art of service is, and his dedication to service will bring you to the next level. He may be tough on you, but he truly loves all of his students and wants all of them to succeed. It is this tough love that gets you through the program. You will be amazed by all of the instructors as they are masters of their field and will support you in many possible ways. You will also spend time with the finest butler and gentleman you’ll ever meet; TIBA's Executive Head Butler. Your fellow students will become your family, and your instructors will be your friends and mentors.

You will have your ups and downs, but you will never be alone or lonely. The program may initially seem short, but the training itself is intense, and you will learn so much. Remember, you are not the consumer of yourself. Serve with style, serve with grace, serve with elegance, and serve with passion. Selfless service is what the true art of service is. Stay professional, and you’ll never go wrong.

The training program is packed with hands-on training and real events. You are a student and a professional butler at the same time. People will look at you as a real butler, and this attention will change your attitude and behavior. Role-playing puts you in real-life positions.

Everyone who has the willingness to be of service to others has the potential to become a professional butler. Believe in yourself, work up to your full potential, and listen to your fellow students and instructors as they see you in a way you’ve never seen yourself. These weeks were the best time of my life, and the time at TIBA changed my world forever. It will change yours too.

Sincerely, Sachi Fujita - Japan
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - November 2010 

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