Paul Bertrand

Dear prospective student,

If you are looking for a career change, as I did, to improve your skills as Butler & House Manager, The International Butler Academy (TIBA) is the Institution to consider.

Coming from a political background, I decided at 30 years old to change my career path. After researching online and contacting Butlers & House Managers from around the world on Linkedin, I decided to send my application to TIBA. After a proper recruitment process, I was accepted for the training program starting in May of 2022.

The ten weeks training program is intensive and not made for people looking to spend ten relaxing weeks in the largest private mansion in The Netherlands. The staff and trainers will push you to become the most professional Butler. If you are looking for the discipline of a professionally run private home, you will learn a lot. If you do not like to be managed and follow orders, you may not be fit to be a Butler. Simple.

The unique environment of Huise Damiaan and the opportunities to do all the masterships of a proper household (Head Butler, Gardener, Cook, Housekeeper, Laundry Master, etc.) will give you the skills to be a Butler and/or House Manager for all kind of Principals, Hotels, or Cruise lines. TIBA will open doors to recruiters for you who are looking for professionally trained Butlers from well-known institutions only.

Last but not least, you will join the TIBA family. As an example, I got recruited by a former TIBA student to serve a private family in Asia. As the spirit and soul of TIBA, you will be under the protection of the TIBA staff to guide you through good and bad times in your professional and personal life.

To conclude, if you want to learn what Butler service is, The International Butler Academy will give you the proper answer.

Sincerely, Paul Bertrand - France
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - July 2022 

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