Stephan Ringleb

Dear prospective student,

My name is Stephan Ringleb and I am from Germany. I would like to describe my experience at The International Butler Academy. First some notes about me. Already as a little boy I had a lot of fun to help my mother in the household. I also admired the skills of waiters and of the service staff in restaurants and hotels.

Early on I noticed I wanted to help others. After my education in the hotel industry, I worked some years in this line of business. I missed the personal touch and I was not happy so I looked for an alternative. I found my dream job as a butler, but I asked myself how can I be a professional without an education. I felt I could not execute the work as a professional butler without proper education. Research on the Internet and investigations proved that TIBA was the very best school in the world.

My first telephone contact with the school and the openness of the conversation was so professional that my mind was made up. Several months later my dream came true. I stood in front of the school and I was eager to learn. I needed to manage one big challenge; I needed to basically learn I a new language.

Excellent instructors and quite a number of excellent field trips, sometimes to another country. I became acquainted with wonderful professional people from different countries. Do not forget that you need ambition, staying power and a lot of numerous sleeplessly night to get through the training.

One should never forget that at TIBA you are part of a team and you are as strong as the weakest member of your team. You get so much from TIBA. I experienced heights and depths within the butler training program. I still can not believe that I am the proud holder of the TIBA diploma. I am so happy and I can recommend TIBA with all my heart. I would like to say: "Thank you TIBA for the beautiful time and all that you taught me.

Sincerely, Stephan Ringleb - Germany
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - November 2006

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