Robin Greenfield

Dear prospective student,

As a recent British graduate of the International Butler Academy, I would like to share with you memories of an incredible time in my life. 

Coming from a secure customer-focused middle management background, what a momentous decision it was for my family and me when I decided that this was no longer for me. Spending hours researching careers on the Internet, I finally discovered being a butler and knew this was what I had been searching for. My next decision was where to train. I wanted to attend the best school in the world, and I can honestly tell you I found it at The International Butler Academy. 

The instructors were superb. Their quality and style of teaching were temporary. They each brought their knowledge, experience, skills, and expertise gained by being butlers or in private service. I can honestly say that these ladies and gentlemen are among the finest in the business, and it was an honor to study with them. From the first day to the last, what I experienced has changed my life forever. The time spent at TIBA passes quickly, with the days between theoretical and practical skills. However, the main focus is attitude and discovering the "real butler" in you.

The experiences you gain are truly memorable, whether organizing events as a "head butler" or visiting fantastic organizations on incredible field trips.

The camaraderie you build with your fellow students will live with you long after you leave. The training program is intense, with little time wasted, but what you learn will prepare you for a new and challenging world. Every day brings a new challenge. Whether it is serving at a formal dinner, keeping your accommodation clean and tidy, or presenting yourself and your uniform to inspection standards, they all amount to true butler standards. Add to this the excellent meals, the services of an exceptional individual head butler, and the opportunity to visit and work for some very experienced top-notch butlers, all of these experiences money alone cannot buy.

So if you are seriously looking for the best butler training school in the world, look no further than you have found it. By all means, research other schools, and compare what they offer in terms of curriculum, instructors, field trips, equipment, and facilities. I know only then will you come back to The International Butler Academy.

Take my word that there are many training schools to consider but none of them compare with the dedication, passion, and commitment that will be invested in you to enter the exciting and rewarding world of Private Service.

I wish you the very best of luck in your future.

Sincerely, Robin Greenfield - England
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - July 2005

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