Gudrun Christine Malik

Dear prospective student,

Energy, passion, and commitment to service are definitely qualities that you should possess and that you should be willing to invest in when you come to TIBA. The education at TIBA is definitely not easy. Training is hard and intense but in the end, you will be very proud of yourself. You finally made it. You are now a professional butler! How do you make it through the entire program? The first two weeks were the hardest weeks for me, as you have to get used to living and working together with strangers.

You have to understand and accept the role-playing at school, which goes much further than you think. Start with your projects as soon as you can and don't count on the last free weekend to do them because you will definitely be busy with other preparations or other work. As soon as you accept your role in the school and as soon as you get used to the new living situation, you can put all your energy into the program itself. You will grow together with your fellow students as a team and you won’t feel lonely anymore, as you know that you experience the same feelings as they do. You will make new friends, and if you are as lucky as I am, you will even find friends for a lifetime.

See the chance to grow in those weeks, and never forget that it's all about attitude. TIBA can help you to become the best butler that you can possibly be, but in the end, it is all up to you. Make the best of it.

Sincerely, Gudrun Christine Malik - Germany
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - July 2010

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