Class of January/March 2008

Dear Butler Academy,

A large group of students from so many different countries and so many different cultures. This team was a living model of an international family, coming from the United States, Canada, Brunei, China, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, and The Netherlands. You taught us that our training program is not just a journey. It is a journey filled with happiness, frustrations, stress, tears of sorrow, tears of laughter, and celebrations.

This butling program is extensive and intensive. It means we have been stretched to new limits, new experiences, and new knowledge. The program taught by your professional instructors is a privilege that showcases the elite workmanship to the rest of the world. We believe that you not only taught us the technical skills to be exercised as professional butlers but prepared each of us with an understanding attitude to successfully challenge and overcome any of life's inevitable difficulties.

Throughout the whole learning process, we were excited about all the individuals we have met, the adventures we have experienced, and the new challenges that await us. Never in our lives will we forget these weeks. It certainly will bring a change in our careers and give us new opportunities.

This training program provided us with the knowledge to represent future principals in our new profession. As a result, we now have new friends who will remain a part of our lives forever, hence opening up an avenue of networking in the butling community. This group of students was most special! On graduation day, we all received our diplomas. We arrived with a dream. You made it possible for our dreams to be fulfilled.

To you we say thank you!

Sincerely, Class of January/March 2008

Arnt Boesveld (Netherlands)
Atonino Barone (Italy)
Mirela Constantine (Belgium)
Frank Fortgens (Netherlands)
Noor Halim (Brunei)
Sjannie Luykx (Netherlands)
Cindy Maas (Netherlands)
Whitney Martens (USA)
Xavier Medecin (France)
Victoria Ni (China)
Prem Rao (United Kingdom)
James Tobin (Canada)
Elegance Zhang (China)

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