Marianne Mura

Dear prospective student,

If you have a passion for excellence in hospitality, you have come to the right place.  I can’t say enough good and wonderful about The International Butler Academy (TIBA), what it taught me, and how it built my confidence in providing world-class service.

I came to TIBA after many years in the airline industry, in both first-class commercial and private jet environments. Those long-range flights were very challenging, preparing meals in a tiny kitchen, making the perfect bedrooms, offering a 5-star service, and not having the opportunity to run around the corner to the grocery store if you had forgotten something. You needed to think of everything and plan perfectly with a "Can Do" attitude, the ability to improvise at the last minute as well as tons of energy and endurance for ultra-long duties, all with a smile.

The time was right for me to take on a new challenge in my life. Striving to stay up to date, I decided to re-direct my hospitality career on the ground and deepen my knowledge of excellence in service. TIBA was highly recommended to me by a Swiss Professional Butler and, without a doubt, the very best institution in the world.

I am happy I listened to him. As a professional butler, I would still be able to work for UHNW families, but now, instead of taking care of their flying house, I would be taking care of their household.

The training is very intensive. You live in the real world of a busy household and study all at the same time at a prestigious estate, The Huize Damiaan estate. Every day is different. The rules are to be followed, and your manners are to be perfect. The instructors are very professional and highly dedicated. At times they seem demanding and put you in challenging situations. They mean only the best for you, pushing you to reach your goals. Everything is for your to excel, for your future as a professional butler. There is a reason for everything; to get you to provide The True Art of Service with a smile. When my time at TIBA seemed trying I just kept telling myself, “you have a goal - don't give up!” Life offers unexpected adventures. Cherish the good ones and learn from the more challenging ones.

I left the academy with an amazing experience and new true friends, all dedicated to excellence in service with energy, passion, and commitment. I have no regrets about my choice. I can never thank my TIBA family enough - The chairman, my trainers, and of course, my dearest colleagues and interns - for their excellent support and for opening new doors in my life. TIBA provides a fantastic opportunity of a lifetime where you meet students from all over our planet, across many different cultures and generations.

"Excellence is not a destination; it's a continuous journey that never ends."

Sincerely, Marianne Mura - Switzerland
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - July 2018

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