Stephen Herein

Dear prospective student,

Attending the International Butler Academy was a major turning point in my life. It was a tough decision for me and my family to make, but it is one decision that I will never regret. From the first day that classes started to the last, I knew that I had made the right decision. Coming from the private sector before TIBA, with almost 18 years of experience as a working butler, I thought that my knowledge of the profession was complete, but as time passed, I found out that it was not. The training that you receive is worth its weight in gold. You receive endless knowledge from top instructors, which will leave you thirsting for even more knowledge as time goes on.

The field trips that you take to various places are all intriguing and fun. You will always come away with the reassurance that your time here has been well spent. Working in different events, from serving guests at a Polo match to serving guests their dinner, all add to the living experience at TIBA. The training program is intensive and tiring, but if you have the will to do and have a can-do attitude, you can achieve anything that you want not just at TIBA but beyond its walls. You will work together as a team with your fellow classmates, taking turns being head butler and assistant head butler. It gives you some insight into what you will be doing once you graduate from the Academy.

My grandfather always said that you should learn something new each day. Well, at the Academy, your mind becomes a sponge, which absorbs all of the knowledge being presented to you on a daily basis. What you learn, you will always carry with you, your entire career.

The time and money that you invest into TIBA are well worth it.  It is not just a job or career you will be getting into, but an adventure that will last you a lifetime. If you want to have an opportunity of a lifetime, then I can highly recommend The International Butler Academy. It will open your eyes and heart to a new world. I invite you to be a part of it.

Sincerely, Stephen Herein - Hungary
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - November - 2004 

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