Jane Tamburelli

Dear prospective student,

In March 2010, after an extraordinary time, I graduated from The International Butler Academy. Over these weeks I strengthened my knowledge of household, staff, and table management, my etiquette and protocol awareness, enhanced my communication skills, and more. Most importantly, I now understand "The True Art of Service".

With nearly thirteen years of experience as an office manager in the corporate industry, and with a great passion for my profession, I had the feeling something was missing. I then worked for two and half years for a high-profile family as a personal assistant. This job opened a new world to me. In this job, my attitude was the most important factor. It made me a reliable person on whom they could count. Of course, working experience in the administrative field was also essential.

I eventually understood that to strengthen my career path I needed a specific training program such as the one offered by the International  Butler Academy. I am very happy with my choice. Thanks to TIBA, I now understand that my highest potential can be accomplished in private service.

The weeks at TIBA were very intensive and exhausting but also unbelievably rewarding. Their teaching methods enabled me to quickly and effectively be trained, but most of all it leads you towards an enriching mindset and attitude which will remain with you the rest of your life. Every moment at TIBA is an occasion to learn. The energy and passion of all the instructors are simply invigorating, and it was such a great pleasure to be trained by such talented professionals. I have profound respect for all of them and I sincerely thank them for my newfound knowledge. I left with many happy memories.

Sincerely, Jane Tamburelli - Switzerland
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - March 2010

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