Robert Arciniega

Dear prospective student,

After completing the training program at The International Butler Academy and after returning home to the United States, the question I have been asked the most is, "Why become a butler?"  The second is, inevitably, "Why go all the way to the Netherlands?  Isn't the same thing offered closer to home?" The answers are surprisingly similar: I wish to be of service to others and provide only the best in my gift of service, therefore, I needed to receive the best possible education to help me do so. I have long felt that being a butler was my dream job. Having served as an executive secretary for almost a decade, assisting and caring for others has always been my pleasure.

I knew that providing personal service as a butler would take my career to a higher level. Having long considered my career's evolution into becoming a professional butler, I had plenty of opportunities to research several programs available. The comprehensive program at The International Butler Academy was the obvious front-runner and appeared to be the program after which a few of the others modeled themselves. Also, the tuition's all-inclusive nature made the Academy the clear choice for me.

Upon my arrival, it was delightful to find the class was composed of fourteen students from a dozen different nationalities. Although we were diverse in our cultures and backgrounds, it was amazing to be part of a group of such like-minded individuals who, above all else, wanted to be of service.

The Academy's Chairman is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has a clear passion for the art of service, and that passion was infectious. The instructors are masters of their craft and equally passionate about teaching the finer points of service. Their ability to share their real-world experience provided some of our most valuable lessons.

The coursework was both challenging and rewarding and covered the breadth of service from polishing shoes to palace management. The field trips were most memorable and provided invaluable insight, contacts, and tools that will long serve me in private service. I will never forget that exquisite formal dinner in which we were privileged to partake as guests at Veuve Clicquot in Reims, France, nor the sunrise over the Mosel river valley while visiting Germany.

Finally, the hands-on experience during the superb events where we were able to provide butler service and put our training into action gave us the best knowledge of what to do and, on occasion, what not to do.

Overall, the experience was phenomenal! Not only did the Academy provide me with the education to best prepare me for a successful career in personal service, it gave me incomparable and memorable experiences and an association with colleagues and friends that will outlast my career. I strongly recommend The International Butler Academy to anyone considering elevating their own career and looking to receive the finest education to give the highest standard of personal service.

Sincerely, Robert Arciniega - USA
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - July 2009

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