Noa Ulmer

Dear prospective student,

Your back is probably aching from being hunched over your computer, researching different potential butling schools. Some of you probably thought about butling school for a long time.

For me, it was a spur-of-a-moment kind of decision. Before I made my decision I read every single word on the website. Doing so gave me a better understanding of what would be expected of me. The reference letters are what helped me most in making my decision to spend a relatively short but intense time at the International Butler Academy.

The day I arrived at the airport, I was picked up by the school's head butler, who immediately made me feel welcome. We proceeded to the students┬┤ apartments and met the other students.

At the beginning of the training program, it seems a bit daunting, and it is challenging to differentiate between role-playing and reality. However, after a week things fell into place and we knew exactly what we had to do in order to be successful in the training program.

The trainers are a fantastic team. They all have so much knowledge, style, grace, wit, and passion. The training program is basically split into a theoretical part and a practical part. Throughout the training program, you will be faced with many different challenges, but you will be ready for them if you pay attention during the lectures. If you are ever lost or overwhelmed, remember that you are a student and that you will receive help from your trainers or your fellow students at all times.

The program is very demanding. You work late into the night or morning on your projects. Sometimes you feel like quitting, but the times of laughter and your accomplishments will make you pull through.  For me being mentally prepared was the most important thing. I had no prior experience in the private service sector at all, and I was not in very good shape when I started the training, but I was determined to succeed, and I did.

I advise you to start on your individual projects immediately when they are assigned to you. There are some surprise projects as well, and some of your free days might be canceled on short notice. Time will not be on your side.

Also, if you have a chance to arrive a day or two before the training program starts, do so. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the compound, meet your fellow students and organize some necessities for your apartment. In order to succeed in this training program, it is important that you work as a team. Your peers are a very important part of the program. And, make sure you have a positive attitude at all times.

In summary, the training program at TIBA taught me not only everything about butling and estate management but also about how to be a better person in my everyday private life. I made amazing experiences, learned what some of my weaknesses were, discovered some of my strengths, made lifelong friends, traveled to various European countries, laughed with some locals, and received my diploma with distinction. I wish you all the best with your decisions and your future filled with energy, passion and commitment.

Sincerely, Noa Ulmer - USA
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - July 2009 

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