Misaki Ni

Dear prospective student,

I am writing this email to share my experience at TIBA with you.

The experience at TIBA has changed my life in a very positive way. It was the busiest ten weeks I have ever experienced but was the most meaningful ten weeks at the same time. What I have learned is not only about knowledge and practical skills but also how important it is to collaborate in a team to accomplish great work.

There were many times that I struggled during the course. However, there were always my colleagues and instructors who shared their experience, technics, and advice to work effectively. All of us had different backgrounds and that brought different perspectives and helped us to learn things deeply. Even though perfection was required during the course, TIBA was still a safe place to make mistakes. After stepping out of my comfort zone, I became more confident in sharing my opinion and working independently.

I highly recommend TIBA to everyone passionate about service and who wants to succeed in the Hospitality industry or private households.

Sincerely, Misaki Ni - Japan
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - November 2021

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