Lily Hallett

Dear prospective student,

Students attending The International Butler Academy have their personal reasons. Some pursue their dream job, some are attracted by the glamour TV image of a butler working for the rich and famous, and some attend with a desire to advance their career or social standing. Some students are sent by their employers.

Whatever reason you may have, and regardless of your background, age, and experience, TIBA takes you in and is committed to delivering the program rigorously as they promise. The trainers work with you closely and, sometimes painfully intimately, train, guide, and mold you to be the best butler and person you can be. It's up to you to take from the training program as much as you can.

As a manager for the past 20 years, I attended many training programs, sitting in the classroom and listening to the lectures and eventually getting a certificate of completion and then going home feeling I had accomplished something and then later wondering what it was that I learned.

Unlike those training programs described above, TIBA offers you a well-developed curriculum and teaches you the essential technical skills and attitude you need to be a superb butler. The hands-on curriculum is designed and implemented with your best interests in mind, and the excellent supplemental training through, for instance, field trips broadens your vision and your mind so you can further appreciate the essence of private service.

The people at TIBA are exceptional. From the CEO, Executive Director, instructors, guest speakers, and the head butler, they are not only there to teach, train, and guide you but also to care for you personally. It is their commitment to teach the "True Art of Service" that each of them embodies. They tailor their teaching, directives and encouragement to where you are in your journey at TIBA. These people work harder than the students and because of them you give all you have and there is no holding back.

Through my TIBA experience, I have gained the knowledge and technical skills, but most of all, I understand and recommit myself to deliver the "True Art of Service" with such passion that I know it will give me the sustenance needed to press through to my highest potential. I owe my deepest gratitude to TIBA. So, as a proud graduate of TIBA, I invite you to come and experience TIBA. Your life will be enriched as much as you allow it, and the return of your investment will be only limited by your own restrictions.

Sincerely, Lily Hallett - USA
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - November 2009 

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