Joan Veage

Dear prospective student,

I will just say; thank you to the entire staff of The International Butler Academy, for providing us students with a second-to-none education in “The True Art of Service." A thank you for TIBA standing out for decades of innovative and highly specialized training and the placement of Top Talent that far exceeds the norm. A thank you for consistently delivering an education that we take home, skillfully customizing stealth service exclusive to the specific needs of our principals. Thank you for adding value to my career and for shaping my understanding of the way to present myself in the private service community and, more importantly, to my principles.

TIBA, I wish you continued success in bringing more Private Service Professionals like me to the highest level of private service standards, etiquette, and protocol as you did for me. Most admirable is building lasting connections and professional relationships with our TIBA family and alumni. “If your ears are ringing TIBA staff, I am always singing your praise.” Here’s to your continued success.

Sincerely, Joan Veage- USA
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - November 2022 

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