Ines Stichert

Dear prospective student,

The 10-week Butler Training Program at The International Butler Academy was the best decision of my life. The program is not easy, with long days, short nights, and constant stress. But I also had a lot of responsibility and room for creativity, and I built friendships and enjoyed the team spirit.

I had many laughs, just a touch of relaxation, and many more experiences. I was part of the September - November 2020 program. Due to COVID, all of our field trips were unfortunately canceled, but the trainers ensured that we still had a full schedule of classes, even though we stayed at Huize Damiaan for the duration of the program.

If you are unsure if you wish to do this training program - I can only say: Do it - You will not regret it!

Sincerely, Ines Stichert - Switzerland
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - November 2020

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