Colin Bryan

Dear prospective student,

If you are seriously thinking about a career in private service, you already have or are probably spending hours researching, reviewing, understanding, and literally absorbing all the valuable information you can on Butling and Management Schools. A quick surf of the web will provide many options for one to consider. Perhaps you have a service or hospitality background and in considering a career change are even questioning whether formal training is really necessary. I, for one, am glad I did my homework and thoroughly investigated all the options available to me.

The right decision for me was to attend The International Butler Academy. Looking back on this recent experience, and reading all the glowing, past candidate references on the school website, I want to add a perspective from a mature-age student. After a successful career in senior management, I decided to follow a career path that I now only wish I’d pursued twenty years earlier. By all means, do your research. Check out the other schools worldwide, what their curriculums offer, school facilities, instructor credentials, the amount of hands-on experience provided, job placement assistance upon graduation, and more importantly, overall value for money. Also, consider input from professionals already working within the industry. Such input provides an added perspective. Like me, you will understand why there is no other choice but TIBA.

Strong praise? Yes, indeed, but so deserving of an institution that prides itself on providing top-quality training, gainful employment, and entree into the network of a coterie of dedicated private service professionals around the globe.

Time spent at TIBA is essentially one of attitude training. It is intensive, challenging, and extremely rewarding. You, too will come to acknowledge and accept as I did, that:  "True Butler Service equates to Technical Skills plus Energy, Passion and Commitment". Make no mistake; TIBA is simply the best private service-training academy there is! I wish you every success in making an informed career choice.

Sincerely, Colin Bryan - Australia
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - July 2004 

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