Winston Steur

Dear prospective student,

Through this letter of reference, I would like to give you a little update on the training program you are likely thinking of taking. After completing the training and the Internship at The International Butler Academy, I can say that I am a changed person.

The training at TIBA is the perfect start to a career in the private service world. You will experience long days accompanied by short nights. But it is all worth it for the interesting and ever-changing program that The International Butler Academy has to offer, to give you the best start as a future Butler. So, if you want to become a Butler, or improve your service skills, you will feel right at home at TIBA. Here, you will learn everything from silver service to how to run a large household.

During your 10-week training you will experience this through practical and theoretical lessons, all from experts in their fields, and let's not forget the excursions that will give you a perfect insight and valuable connections to use during your career as a Butler. For me, TIBA brought me a new set of skills, a lot of connections, and the feeling of being a changed man.

If service is your thing, and you aspire to be the best of the best, The International Butler Academy is a great opportunity to get you there.

Sincerely, Winston Steur - Netherlands
Graduate of the International Butler Academy - May 2021

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