Colin Wilson

Dear prospective student,

We all want a perfect job, and some people are lucky enough to do that. You too could be one of those people by enrolling with The International Butler Academy.

When I was looking for a career change, after many years of retail management, I wanted something that would inspire me and satisfy my need for job satisfaction. After looking through the internet for ideas, I came across a butler job description. It appealed to me immensely, and so I started researching butler training schools. I came across this one for TIBA, and I can tell you it was a turning point for me.

Here was everything I wanted to learn, all I wanted to experience, and more. Sure, I compared it to others out there but nowhere else could I see the curriculum, international field trips, school structure, and uniform that TIBA was offering, so I duly enrolled and can honestly say that I have never spent a happier and more fulfilling time in my life. Every day at TIBA was a learning situation. Not coming from a similar service-type background, I reckoned it would be hard work with long hours of study, and I was correct. What I didn’t expect was that the training program was led by some of the best in the business.

They make this training program enjoyable, fun, and rewarding to do. Schoolwork was never like this! You bond so well with your fellow classmates that you will make lifelong friends and with the instructors also.

The wide variety of field trips helps make the weeks pass very quickly, and soon the day of graduation is upon you, and what a great day that is. To come out of the training program, with a high grade as I did, was down to the truly excellent training given at TIBA. It exceeded all my wildest dreams, and now I have the world at my feet. I am able to go anywhere and fulfill my dream of being a butler. You could also.

So, I urge you to look around and see what others offer. Is it all-inclusive, are the Instructors the best, is the accommodation excellent, are there field trips to other countries, is a free butler uniform included? I am sure that nowhere else will you find what TIBA offers you.

I wish you all good fortune in the times ahead, and remember, life is what you make it!

Sincerely, Colin Wilson - Scotland
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - July 2007 

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