In fond remembrance of Paul Huizinga

In fond remembrance of Paul Huizinga, our dear colleague, and cherished friend, whose presence graced the halls of our school for countless years. Paul passed away today peacefully, February 13, 2024. Paul's unwavering dedication to the true art of service and his impeccable standards set a shining example for all who had the privilege of knowing him. He was not just a colleague.

Paul was an integral part of our lives at The International Butler Academy. Whether orchestrating luxury events or sharing anecdotes over a cup of tea, his presence was a reassuring constant in our bustling world of silver trays and polished manners. Paul's expertise went far beyond the mastery of formal service; he possessed an innate ability to infuse every lesson with a touch of wit and wisdom, making learning an enjoyable journey for all.

Paul's legacy extends beyond the meticulous lessons in the art of service that he imparted to students from around the globe. He was a pillar of support, a source of inspiration, and a beacon of kindness. His laughter echoed through the grandeur of our institution, creating memories that will forever linger in the corridors of our hearts.

As we mourn Paul's passing, we celebrate a well-lived life that touched ours in ways words can only attempt to convey. May his spirit of service and genuine warmth continue to inspire the next generation of butlers, echoing through the refined corridors of our school.

Let us honor Paul's legacy by continuing to embody the principles he so passionately instilled in us: the art of service with a genuine smile, the pursuit of excellence with humility, and the understanding that true hospitality touches the very essence of human connection. In Paul's memory, we forge ahead, enriched by the lessons he taught us both within and beyond the walls of our beloved institution.

For many, Paul was a confidant, a source of encouragement during challenging times, and a true friend who reveled in the shared joys of success. His departure leaves an irreplaceable void, but the memories of his infectious enthusiasm and genuine camaraderie will forever remain etched in the annals of our school's history.

Bon Voyage Paul - Robert Wennekes, faculty, and all students, past and present.