For graduates who achieve a minimum of 900 points upon graduation, we guarantee job placement through our exclusive network of distinguished employers. (Some rules apply.) This guarantee is a testament to our confidence in the exceptional training you will receive and our unwavering commitment to your future success. 

Our program is not just about the practical aspects of being a butler. It's a journey of personal development, cultural awareness, and the high standards of professionalism expected in the field. With our experienced instructors, you will receive individualized attention, ensuring that you graduate as a well-rounded, highly competent butler ready to meet the demands of any household. This personalized approach is not just a promise, it's our commitment to your success. 

By joining our academy, you are not just enrolling in a school; you are embarking on a journey towards a rewarding and prestigious career. We believe in your potential and are dedicated to helping you achieve greatness. Your success is our success, and with our job guarantee, we stand by our promise to support you every step of the way. Excellence is not just an aspiration for us - it is a promise we are committed to fulfilling.

Our graduates are highly sought-after by employers in the service industry. Through our training program, giving you a strong foundation in luxury service, you will be well-positioned to secure a well-paying job in the butler profession. As part of our comprehensive training program, we go the extra mile to support each student in crafting a compelling Graduate Profile Binder, a personalized marketing document to enhance their prospects during the recruitment process. This valuable material is then shared with our network of partner placement agencies, as well as targeted luxury international residential and hospitality clients.

Finding the right job can be a daunting task, so we don't leave our graduates to fend for themselves after completing the program. As part of our training, we provide recruitment knowledge and interviewing skills to help our students develop focused and well-targeted job search strategies. We believe that a successful job interview requires thorough preparation, so we teach our graduates how to prepare for interviews to increase their chances of securing their desired position. Our comprehensive training prepares our graduates to pursue their dream careers in the service industry.

95% of our students graduate successfully with a diploma. 85% of our graduates hold outstanding positions in service worldwide, working in Royal households, private homes, hotels and resorts, embassies, cruise ships, and super yachts, and with Fortune 500 companies. Many of these graduates were recruited with the assistance of our recruitment division.

At The International Butler Academy, we are committed to nurturing the finest professionals in the service industry. Our rigorous and comprehensive training program is designed to provide you with unparalleled skills, extensive knowledge, and impeccable etiquette necessary to excel in the service of elite households. Our pride in the quality of education and training we offer is matched by our joy in providing our graduates with unique job opportunities.