Professional education

As the world's premier butler service training institute, The International Butler Academy (TIBA) offers an unparalleled and exclusive professional education in butler service, house management, and hospitality. Our training program is second to none. We take great pride in providing innovative and comprehensive instruction that prepares our graduates to excel in the world's most prestigious households, five-star hotels, resorts, private clubs, and cruise lines.

Our 10-week training program consists of 800 curriculum hours and covers all the essential duties of a butler, personal assistant, valet, house, and estate manager. We provide on-site hospitality training modules widely respected in the industry, and our trainers are among the best in the world.

We are honored to serve some of the wealthiest families and most discerning employers in the world, and they rely on us for staff training, recruitment, and highly specialized consulting services. Please request a free brochure here and learn more about our unique and exclusive professional butler, house management, and hospitality school.

The International Butler Academy

A private and unique household

Our Academy boasts an impressive 80,000 square feet of space, consisting of 135 rooms, all dedicated to the training of our students. We own the estate. It is organized explicitly for our training program. We offer a unique butler training and experience that allows students to learn while facing real personalities, challenges, and situations. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, you are a working butler in a real multi-million dollar household. Nothing is imaginary.

This level of authenticity sets us apart from other schools, with 95% of our students graduating successfully and 85% securing rewarding positions. Even more impressive, 75% of our graduates remain in the same position one year after being recruited. We are the only butler school in the world that provides students a chance to live, work and learn in a multi-million-dollar household. Attending our training program is a life-changing experience.

Who are our students?

Our student body is diverse, with students coming from all corners of the globe. Approximately 35% of our students are female, and we have had students as young as 18 and as old as 68. We placed the 68-year-old student with a hotel in New York, proving that age is not a factor in the butler profession.

Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, including a dermatologist, a carpenter, a private banker, a hotel director, a taxi driver, and a lawyer, to name a few. Success is not a guarantee. Success requires motivation, dedication, devotion, and combining energy, passion, and commitment. 

What is required to join our training program?

Our program welcomes students of all ages and genders as long as they have a minimum age of 18 and a working knowledge of English. Communicating and understanding English is crucial, as all lessons are conducted in this language. What's equally essential is having a service-oriented attitude and the right personality for this prestigious profession.

You can still apply to our program even if you have no previous training or experience. We encourage you to study our website to understand why so many before you have chosen The International Butler Academy. If you're interested in joining us, please email us your résumé (curriculum vitae) along with a current photo and indicate which ten-week training program you'd like to attend.

Pledge of The International Butler Academy

Join The International Butler Academy and you will become a part of our esteemed family. Our pledge below is the culmination of students' and faculty's hard work and dedication. It embodies the soul and spirit of The International Butler Academy and represents our norms and values. By reciting the pledge, you are committing to respect and follow the philosophy, rules, and principles of The International Butler Academy.

"I pledge to respect and adhere to the philosophy, rules, and principles of The International Butler Academy and the norms and values it represents. I take full responsibility for my actions, attitude, and performance at all times. By my professional and reasoned conduct, and through my energy, passion, and commitment, I will embody the highest standards of service, loyalty, trust, discretion, and excellence. I will establish and maintain my personal accountability and integrity through honest achievement and commitment to my vocation. My attitude is shown in my behavior and my behavior shows my character. My character is my destiny."

Our Mission Statement

The International Butler Academy's mission is to educate, prepare, and mentor individuals dedicated to mastering the art of service and house management. We aim to equip our graduates with the highest qualifications to excel in the butling, private service, and hospitality industries.

Our exceptional training provides an introduction to a lifelong career, preparing skilled professionals to meet and exceed the demands of modern households worldwide. Our rigorous training makes our graduates well-equipped to work for discerning employers in any part of the world. We blend traditional skills and knowledge with innovative technology and training to bring the art of butling into the 21st century.

Our Website

Our website embodies our conservative approach to our philosophy and training methods. It is designed to provide reliable, complete, and up-to-date information without flashy or glamorous distractions. All photographs on our website feature our students and our school. All content is original without "borrowing" from other websites. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

While our website offers a wealth of information, we strongly encourage you to visit us in person to experience the exceptional quality of our school. You are welcome to bring a friend. Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you find the information provided enjoyable and informative.

Warning - We regret to inform the public that we must issue a warning. Some placement agencies falsely claim that their candidates have been trained by The International Butler Academy when they have not. Employers must always verify a candidate's credentials before hiring them. Prospective students should exercise caution and thoroughly research any school before investing their hard-earned money. Do not be fooled by impressive websites or promises of guaranteed success. You must do your due diligence to ensure you get the quality education and training you deserve.

The International Butler Academy