The International Butler Academy

How to become a butler?

The path to becoming a butler traditionally involved starting as a low-level servant in a household and working diligently and reliably for many years. Eventually, the family might promote the individual to an assistant or under-butler position, where they would be given additional responsibilities. Through continued dedication and outstanding service, the individual may then be promoted to the highest rank of butler within the household.

In modern times, there are several ways to begin a career as a butler, though trust and reputation are still earned through hard work and dedication. One option is to start in the hospitality industry, working in hotels or on cruise ships and gradually moving up the ranks of staff. With proven success and experience, one may eventually be promoted to a butler position or transition to private homes and estates.

Another route is to attend a specialized school such as The International Butler Academy. We offer comprehensive training in the necessary skills and responsibilities of the job, providing students with an in-depth understanding of their role. The best schools will immerse students in a functioning household for an extended period, allowing for intensive learning and rapid growth. At TIBA, our 10-week Butling and House-Management training program equips students with the skills required to successfully manage a household of any size, emphasizing energy, passion, and commitment to the profession. Our students come from all walks of life, united by their singular focus on personal service.

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