By Royal Appointment

Jupiter Suarez

Jupiter (pictured left) is from the Philippines.
He graduated November 2009


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Dear prospective student,

It was my employer who first came up with the idea of sending me to butler school to learn the finer points of service, house management and etiquette and protocol. Originally from the Philippines, I am head butler for a Royal family in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. My wife and children live with me here in the Palace. Although you would think that after three years on this fabulous job that I would have the necessary skills and knowledge to do this job properly. Well, this is only partly true. Something was missing.

After much research, my employer and I decided on The International Butler Academy (TIBA) in The Netherlands. Without knowing too much about this school, it became clear that TIBA was  by far the most professional school we could find. The various letters of reference were compelling and real, as opposed to much information on other school web sites I researched.

The training program I joined ran from September to November, 2009. The memories and experiences are still fresh to me. Choosing TIBA was the correct and only possible choice. As a graduate I can now guarantee you that The International Butler Academy is a wonderful school and worth every penny of your or your employer's money. The training were rigid and intense, completely pushing me out of my boundaries without limitations. TIBA's standards are truly amazing and almost unbelievable. TIBA guides its students to the highest value of the butler profession, no matter if you are experienced or completely new to the profession. All will become a professional butler.

I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to TIBA's Chairman, for his marvelous dedication and effort for all of us, and for sharing with us his professionalism. To the Executive Director for her wonderful thoughts, graciousness, savoir-faire, poise and elegance that I truly adored. To the instructors for stretching me beyond my capabilities and for the very detailed and highly organized approach. Last but not least a big thank you to TIBA's head butler for giving me hope, inspiration and energy. His insights and talents I admired. He is an ultra professional and an example for all of us.

TIBA made me part of a real working household and gave me a chance to  experience a spectacular, memorable and wonderful world of butlers that I could not have imagined, not even in my dreams. TIBA made it happen. It feels like my destiny to have become a proud graduate of The International Butler Academy. So, with my experience of working as a butler in a Royal household, what was I missing? Answer: "the real meaning of the True Art of Service."  Oh yes, plus a million other things!

Jupiter Suarez - Philippines
Graduate of the International Butler Academy
November 2009

By Royal Appointment