By Royal Appointment

Keiko Suhardinata

Keiko (pictured left) is from Indonesia
He graduated July 2018


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Dear prospective student,

It is a great honor to be granted the opportunity to impart glimpses of my personal perspective and experiences during my time spent within The International Butler Academy.

First and foremost, I would like to commend you on making an effort to conduct further research on this institution by going through its website and reading reference letters provided by former graduates to gain better perspective on what you are diving into. This is something I personally recommend very much as I myself have previously been in the position you are currently in - sitting behind a screen, looking up on various butling institutions available to ensure that the best decision was made for my first step within the private service industry. To this day, I am very glad to say that I definitely made the right decision and that all those moments of looking around for the perfect choice were time well spent indeed. So please do your research and do it well.

As a next step upon reaching a decision, I would highly suggest that you have a strong reason or a definite goal that you would like to achieve and keep it firm within your heart as you proceed throughout the course as this will be a very valuable asset to strive for excellence and to obtain the best out of the 10 weeks you will spend here in the academy. The phrase ‘you will only get from this training program what you have put into it. Not more. Not less, rings true on so many levels that I could not stop emphasizing on the importance of giving it your all during the program. This course is not easy and it is never meant to be, but it definitely will be a very fulfilling one, because you are in the hands of an excellent academy along with its professional team of talented instructors and staffs who will support your development not only as a professional, but also as an individual and they will provide the necessary push for you to reach higher levels of your capabilities.  The days you spend here will be filled with hard work and dedication. Every day might not go as well as you want it to be, but it is by overcoming these hardships that we will face our own weaknesses and be able to further develop as an individual.

I understand that this page may not sound like a typically exuberant letter filled with joyful memories and heavenly experiences, but I personally believe it to be of utmost importance that future students have a firm grasp on what they are signing up for and have the right attitude towards undertaking the program in order to reap the best out of it.

Having gone through the course, I am not able to count the amount of times where I have been challenged to step out of my comfort zone, but it is due to the great support of my dear colleagues as well as the constructive guidance of my instructors, who I am deeply grateful for up till now, that I managed to break my limits. Not only did the program build my technical skills, but it also focused on another aspect of service which is equally important, if not more, which is one’s character.

Upon graduation, I would strongly recommend applying for an internship if at all possible, especially for fresh graduates who are new to the private service industry. Having had the opportunity to be an intern myself, I must say that it is an eye-opening experience where you will then further broaden the knowledge attained during your time as a student through real-life practical implementations working as a house butler for the academy.

Up to this day, I am grateful to say that having chosen The International Butler Academy as my starting point was definitely one of the best decisions that I’ve made in this early 19 years of life that I’ve had and I am sure it will be the same for you too. Hopefully this reference letter may bring you the perspective and information you need to proceed with one of the finest decisions you are about to make in your life. Remember well the reason you have made this choice and give it your all to graduate with flying colors. I am looking forward to the day we may see each other as proud ambassadors of The International Butler Academy. I wish you well and see you until then.

Keiko Suhardinata - Indonesia
Graduate of The International Butler Academy
July 2018

By Royal Appointment