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Alessandro Gennusa

Alessandro (pictured left) is from Italy
He graduated July 2018


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Dear prospective student,

It is a great pleasure to tell you about my experience at The International Butler Academy and how important it was for me. It was a professional adventure that introduced me into the world of private service.

First of all, I would like to state that being part of the TIBA family is an honor. I wish you all the chance to live this extraordinary adventure as I have lived. TIBA is the best butler school in the world. Living at Huize Damiaan both as a student before, and as an Intern afterwards, allowed me to understand how this fascinating work is rewarding as it is tiring and demanding.

At TIBA, I had the opportunity to manage the house in all its organizational and logistical aspects as well as taking care of the guests, and preparing lunches and dinners under the ever available and constant presence of the Academy's trainers. Thanks to them, I have always been motivated to do always better so that the management of the house runs smoothly, ensuring the very high standards that only TIBA offers.

This training has been a school of life in all aspects. The International Butler Academy gave me all the essential tools to undertake a professional butler career in the best private homes in the world. Parallel to my training as a butler, I also had the opportunity to share my experience with colleagues who were as prepared as they were motivated to pursue their goal. With them, my everyday life has gained value that I will always carry with me in my life. Together we learned to manage a team and to be part of it, aspects that are really important for working as a butler.

Lastly, I want to thank all the trainers of the school, all expert butlers and professionals in their teaching methods. They are the reason why TIBA is considered the best butler school in the world. Finally I can only mention the director and soul of the school itself, Mr. Robert Wennekes, who I believe to be my professional and ethical mentor, and who has brought back the persona of the butler with great enthusiasm and hard work by giving prestige and importance to this professional position internationally.

Thanks to all these people, The International Butler Academy is a unique place in the world and I am proud to say that I have been part of this honorable family.

Alessandro Gennusa - Italy
Graduate of The International Butler Academy
July 2018

By Royal Appointment