By Royal Appointment

John Hoey

John (pictured left) is from Ireland.
He graduated July 2013

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Dear prospective student,

Perhaps you are browsing this website trying to decide if this training program is right for you, wondering if it is true what everyone is saying. Can it all be possible? Please allow me share my experience of the International Butler Academy with you.

At the age of 41, I found myself at a bit of a crossroads in my life. I had recently split from a long-term partner; I was in a job that had no real prospects. I found myself living, well truthfully existing from day to day with no clear vision of the future. I felt alone and it all seemed pretty bleak. There was, however, a little boy fighting inside me, urging me to do something to turn things around and use the customer service experience I had, which is when I came across the website of The International Butler Academy (TIBA).

Even though I live only a few miles from some of the Butler schools in the U.K., I just had a sixth sense that TIBA was the right fit for me. After some basic research I became determined to do their training program. I did not let the tuition fee put me off, or that I would need to travel to the Netherlands. I did whatever it took, including overtime at work to pay for it all.

When I arrived at TIBA in May 2013 to commence the training program, I was terrified. The other students seemed so professional and outgoing. I was so bashful that they could hardly hear what I was saying. To make matters worse, some of us were given assignments that were computer-based and I had no IT experience. I thought I would never make it. For the first two weeks I thought I had made a terrible mistake. The instructors thought otherwise. It is almost as if they could read my mind. I was nurtured, cared for, and I found that I could express my passion for service amongst like-minded people.

Day by day my confidence was built up without my even realizing it. After a few kind words from the school's Head Butler; "You know more than you think you know", I began to understand the philosophy of the Academy. Advice from the awe-inspiring etiquette and protocol trainer set me on a course that would change my way of looking at myself. This advice was so personal I choose not to share it. If you join the training program you will have the privilege. You will see what I mean. My body language and posture changed. For the first time in many years I felt self-worth.

The passion felt by everyone at this school is infectious. Yes, the workload is tough, please dive in with the right attitude and you will succeed. I threw my all into it. You may fine dine at the Hotel Du Marc (Veuve Clicquot in France) for lunch, and then find yourself in a kebab shop for dinner! The training program is a Pandora’s box of life-enriching experiences. My fellow students were a collection of the finest people you could meet from all over the globe. Toward the end of the program I was enjoying myself so much that I did not want it to end.

Thanks to the dedication of the faculty and their belief in me I ended up with distinction, and top of the class. I can now look forward to the future with confidence and hope. If you can relate to anything I have said, please give the Academy serious thought.

John Hoey - Ireland
Graduate of The International Butler Academy
July 2013

By Royal Appointment