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The Don Bosco Hotel School

Tourism is becoming one of the most important and fast growing industries in Cambodia. The Don Bosco Hotel School created and managed by the Don Bosco Foundation was inaugurated in 2007 by His Majesty, his Royal Highness King Norodom Sihamoni. The school supports disadvantaged Cambodian youth in providing them a thorough education in the hospitality business. The Don Bosco Hotel School is not just a school but also a real hotel where the students learn on the job about cooking, food and beverage, housekeeping and front office. Qualified and experienced teachers provide education. In addition, Cambodian and volunteer teachers from all over the world teach English, tourism and computer skills. The training program runs for two years.

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The International Butler Academy and the Don Bosco School

The International Butler Academy is proud to be sponsor of the Don Bosco Hotel School in Cambodia. Through an internship program we are actively involved in the human resources of the Don Bosco Hotel School. Photo left top corner shows Mr. and Mrs. Kaletsch, graduates of The International Butler Academy, who for quite a few years were responsible for general management of the Don Bosco Hotel School. At present, the hotel school has 150 students (60 first year, 90 second year). After successfully passing the final exam, students receive an officially recognized certificate. The Don Bosco Hotel School responds to the needs of the poorest of Cambodian youth.

By Royal Appointment