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Tuition cost of the 10-week butler training program

The total cost of the 10-week, 800 curriculum hour butler training program, everything included, is 14.500 Euros (214 Euros per day). Here is an on-line currency converter). Full details on the 10-week butler training program are below. We of course understand that one of your key concerns is the overall cost of the training program. We strive to keep the training program as affordable as possible, while still providing the best hands-on education available.

EVERYTHING is included in the tuition fee. Please read on.

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Your investment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ten weeks of superb training by devoted, ultra professional trainers, in a magnificent training location; the largest private home in The Netherlands.

  • A traditional, 3-piece, high-quality butler uniform, plus 2 white shirts with French cuffs, cufflinks, several pairs of white gloves.

  • Writing pads, pens, office supplies, a butler workbook, a tie, suspenders, armband, apron, umbrella, pocket knife, wine bottle opener, pocket watch, baseball cap, manicure set, shoe shine kit, and more.

  • Excellent accommodation in a single and private bedroom. All bedrooms have a window with a beautiful view outside.

  • All outstanding meals for ten weeks (including free days), including breakfast, lunch, dinner, all prepared by our own in-house Chef.

  • All hot and cold snacks. All hot and cold drinks.

  • All transportation, including all field trips in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France, plus on arrival/departure pick up from, and delivery to the airport and/or train station.

  • Free Wi-Fi, free access to the school library, free access to our professional Gym, free access to the students´ online Internet platform, free printing, and much more.

  • Extensive training in Interior Management Systems by having a personal iPad Air with appropriate software installed, for the duration of the entire training program.

  • Complete photographic overview of your entire stay at TIBA, from day one to graduation, including a stunning photo series of you in full uniform on Graduation day, taken by professional photographer.

  • Upon successful graduation, a handcrafted and beautifully framed, and internationally recognized Diploma, with the original document emailed to you as a PDF document.

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As you can see, truly everything is included in the tuition fee.

Once you are studying with us you need not to worry about all the many extra costs students end up paying at other schools. With us everything is included. Simple. At our Academy you will stay in a beautiful private bedroom. We do not leave you to your own fate, where you might end up at an overpriced and perhaps even inadequate accommodation. There are no additional curriculum charges or any "hidden costs". None. Considering the excellent salaries professionally trained butlers earn, plus the opportunities on the international job market, the tuition fee is a solid investment in your future. We are extremely proud of the way we have structured the tuition fee and that everything included is of a very high quality. Guaranteed.

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Please note

Training takes place in a large and unique private home. Students have access to all school facilities including the extensive library and fitness studio. The International Butler Academy uses only the very finest and most expensive crystal, china, silver and more. During your training with us there will be a number of events, in which you, your fellow students and the trainers will take an active part. From very formal dinners to casual lunches, from a lovely wedding to an afternoon tea, you will experience it all. Student accommodation is superb and so are all meals. Do not be fooled with other programs. Consider the overall picture. Read letters of reference from graduates on our web. These students did their research. Do yours, and invest your money wisely. 

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Important to consider

The total cost of the 10-week butler training program, everything included, is 14.500 Euros (214 Euros per day). A deposit fee of 750 Euros is required to confirm your participation, with the remaining sum of 13.750 Euros to be paid no later than 60 days prior to the start of the program. All fees are non-refundable, for any reason, but may be applied towards a future training program in case you must reschedule, fall ill, or have a personal situation which forces you to postpone. Upon request, we will gladly email you the formal document concerning our "refund, complain, sanction, grading, and payment policy", otherwise we will assume you fully understand the above paragraph.

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