By Royal Appointment

Goran Turk

Dear prospective student, during my 10-week Butler Training Program, and after spending 6 months as a TIBA House butler, I believe I proved myself. Because of my whole performance and considering the strong words and statements given not only by the Management and Senior instructor team but also by my respected classmates, I became a better person.

I hope you may experience the same. I know that through the TIBA Training Program you will be ready to move to your first, or into the next service level. With your new life experience and in-depth knowledge about how to provide the highest luxury service and your butler capabilities, you will be able to pass this combination of expertise not only to new staff members but also to your future principal.

Please accept the challenge and attend the TIBA Training Program. Never forget this; Life is short, but TIBA is forever!

Sincerely, Goran Turk – Croatia
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - November 2018

By Royal Appointment