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Dong Karen Xiao

Dear prospective student, As you can imagine, it took a lot of serious thinking, and even more serious research, before I decided to part with the money I saved. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was making the right decision. Becoming a professional butler was my dream. I could only spend my money once. So, coming from China, I first decided to visit the butler schools out there, even though I was sure that The International Butler Academy stood out from everything else out there.

The Academy's website provides all the information you could possibly want, but then again, it's hard to ignore what the other websites say.

Writing something on a website is easy and after visiting TIBA as well as the other schools I could quickly determine that most of the other schools simply lie, or at the very least state things that are simply untrue.

I was very direct with my questions to trainers and/or management. I do not want to write bad things about other schools, and I am sure that TIBA management would not allow this anyway, but all I can say is PLEASE do your research before spending a small fortune and then ending up at a place where you will be very unhappy.

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To illustrate what I mean, while I was at TIBA, a small group of students from another school, not that far away, visited TIBA and asked TIBA management to assist them taking the school they were attending to court, to get their money back. I can only deduce that these students did not do their research. TIBA management declined to get involved. They did offer a greatly reduced tuition fee to these students to help, but as you can imagine, that was not an option for them as they had no money to spare. So very sad. No idea what came of these people.

In the end there was only one option left for me, and I decided to attend The International Butler Academy. TIBA changed my life. The program is tough, and there were moments that I would almost give up, but I made it to the end. You can read the other reference letters on the TIBA website for more information. You should. My letter here contains only one message for you. I am not writing about the incredible building, the excellent trainers, the fabulous food, all the events organized for the students, or even the amazing field trips. My personal message to you is simple.

Do your research. Visit if at all possible. You can then make the right decision. I visited TIBA and joined the students for lunch (away from anyone from school so I could speak freely), and then spent some time at school. I also received a tour of the building, and saw the student accommodation, something that was very important to me (students enjoy large single bedrooms). You will find that TIBA is the way to go. Take my word for it. Personally I could not have made a better choice. I am well on my way to live the life I always dreamed about; as a professional butler. A dream that was made possible by the only true school for butlers in the world. I am so very proud to be an Ambassador of TIBA.

Sincerely, Dong Karen Xiao - China
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - July 2016

By Royal Appointment