By Royal Appointment

Dorian Fercot

Dear prospective student, you are on the Academy's website and that means that you have an interest in the work of a butler, a prestigious and uncommon work. The International Butler Academy is not only an academy where you learn how to be a butler, it is also a life-changing training where you will meet your new family in the persons of the other students and in the staff of the academy once you graduate. TIBA is a place where you will most probably face the biggest challenge in your life.

From 20 years old I knew nothing about the world. I destined myself to study economics and have a normal job in a normal company without having any dreams. After years in university, I decided to stop and do something that was interesting to me and I began to look for butler school without having any idea what I was stepping into. After much research I found TIBA.

I knew then that what I saw and read was the academy where I wanted to study. Everything is appealing in it, the location, the trainers, the curriculum, etc. I never faced any big challenge in my life, and I wanted to finally have one and I knew that TIBA would give it to me.

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During the first week of training in TIBA I was always thinking that I was not at the right place, that it was not made for me, that I was made for it, but I decided to finish what I began. I had to face the biggest challenge in my life so far and am so glad that I overcome it and could finish the program as a professional butler! During my training I met more than just friends, we were a real family who still are taking care of each other after much time has passed.

I also had the possibility to improve my skills by joining the team as an intern and I learned so much during these months that I would not imagine how I could work as a professional butler or even have a good lifestyle without all this knowledge. I discovered a whole new world that I want to explore endlessly, and I sure will. If you are looking for a real butler training, for a challenge, for a family but mostly if you are ready to enter the vast world of butlers. TIBA is made for you!

I am so thankful in TIBA for offering me this great opportunity to be part of the great family that is forming all the graduates and trainers of the academy, for offering me the knowledge accumulated during much hard work, and for offering me a destiny in life.

Sincerely, Dorian Fercot – Belgium
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - July 2017

By Royal Appointment