By Royal Appointment

Richard Sagala

Dear prospective student, as a new graduate of the International Butler Academy, please allow me to express my thoughts about the butling training program I took. Last spring, when I decided to follow a butler training program, I was looking to find the best school in the world. After inquiries and evaluations, and speaking with school representatives, I set my mind on TIBA. Being Canadian, it implied crossing the Atlantic to come to The Netherlands. At that time I hoped I was not making a mistake as it meant a large investment for me and although TIBA's website is by far the best, there are numerous other sites of butler and household management schools that all proclaim to be the best in the business.

Now I can assure you that I certainly did find the best butler school in the world and that the other schools merely try to copy from TIBA. From what I learned since all fail miserably. TIBA offers a superb curriculum taught by first-class instructors, an intense, rich, and multi-faceted content of information. The program is complemented by valuable field trips, great food, and first-class accommodations for the students. Even the graduation ceremony was second to none, with family, friends, and various distinguished guests attending.

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I wish every potential student who wishes to train in this fascinating field of butling to have the common sense to do his or her research on the school they are interested in. Ask questions, find out who the trainers are, who is in charge and what the background is of the people behind the curtain. Then, I wish every potential student to have the chance to find your school, apply, and eventually get accepted at TIBA. It will be an intelligent choice which they will value and cherish for the rest of their lives. I know I will. I am thankful to TIBA for this grand opportunity. TIBA is simply a world class act.

Sincerely, Richard Sagala  - Canada
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - November 2001

By Royal Appointment