By Royal Appointment

Olaf Eman

Olaf (pictured left) is from The Netherlands.
He graduated March 2007

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Dear prospective student,

As a successful hotel manager, I decided in February 2007 to join the training program at The International Butler Academy in The Netherlands to become a professional butler. The training program was a major turning point in my life. TIBA provided the best teaching methods as well as the very best experts who possess enormous experiences in their field. Some of my mentors became friends for life. Each of them has a superior character.

After the training, I graduated with Distinction and became an Executive Member of The International Guild of Professional Butlers. I am honored, proud and privileged to carry this title and would like to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

As a formal student, I learned that effective action arises out of silence and a clear sense of being. Knowing this I did not pretend to be special because you must learn to focus on the needs of others. Can you learn to become open and receptive, quiet and without desire? The wise person grows more and lasts longer by placing the well-being of others above the well-being of oneself. Can you mediate emotional issues without taking sides or picking favorites? You can become a better person if you remain unbiased, clear, and down-to-earth. Silence is a great source of strength.

Wherever you are in the stage of your life and your career path, listen to your heart and follow your destiny. There are only very limited people that can make a decision in life to make yourselves a better person. I wish you all a lot of strength during your journey to become a butler.

Olaf Eman - The Netherlands
Graduate of The International Butler Academy
March 2007

By Royal Appointment